How to Remove Windows Processes Accelerator

What Is Windows Processes Accelerator?

Windows Processes Accelerator is a rogue application, which disguises itself as a fine-tuning utility to enhance your PC performance. It will not function as it states. Average users don’t know its purpose so they might be cheated by such scam. Windows Processes Accelerator is from the rogue family Win32/FakeVimes, which can be utilized to attack your web browser and security-related software. It displays fake alerts and false information about your system in order to convince you that it’s a real and legitimate antivirus program. Once installed on your computer, you may find that your computer becomes sluggish. It always brings harm to your PC. In most cases, it will redirect your search results to some malicious sites by hijacking your web browser. Your computer will slow down if infested with Windows Processes Accelerator.


Windows Processes Accelerator is malicious because it will block legitimate antivirus from running. On the other hand, it will block many execute files from running and installing. You can’t end its process from Task Manager because it will also block your from opening Windows Task Manager.


The following screen shot shows you what Windows Processes Accelerator looks like.


Windows Processes Accelerator


How to Remove Windows Processes Accelerator?

1 With the registration key below, you could firstly Activate Windows Processes Accelerator




Note: The registration code will do no harm for your computer. Our goal is to stop the malicious behavior of Windows Efficiency Reservoir first. And then you can use antimalware program to scan and remove all its infections.



Windows Security Center Virus


Windows Processes Accelerator Key


2 Download free malware scanner — Anvi Smart Defender. Please download it from the link below, it verified by Cnet.



3 After downloading, please install it on your computer.


4 After successful installation, please restart your computer.


5 Boot your computer and run Anvi Smart Defender.


6 Use the full scan to scan your computer. (Before scanning, please update its database to the latest version)


7 Delete all items detected by Anvi Smart Defender.

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2 thoughts on “How to Remove Windows Processes Accelerator

  1. After entering the registration code, there was no register button available. Only a Get Product Code if you didn’t have one

    • Hi Casey,

      The malware may get updated, so could you please run your antivirus program or anvi smart defender to kill the malware?

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