How to Remove Redirect from IE/FF/Chrome?

Browsers get caught up with redirect? Seek for help to remove the homepage and redirect from your web browser. Here’s the solution to help you quickly and thoroughly remove redirect and homepage from IE/FF/Chrome. Please read more.

About is a malicious domain which pretends to be a useful search engine. It is designed by the malware developer to gain web traffics to make profits. Like many other adware or malicious program, it is often distributed via free downloads. That please be careful when you download free programs, make sure to uncheck all unwanted items.
Once settles on your computer, the malware program will change your homepage, new tab page to acts very annoying and become difficult to remove. On the main screen of the browser hijacker and redirect, it display porn video, pop-up ads, and luring award notification which may lead to further virus infection and malware attack. While the search engine will present you a lot of unwanted sponsor links at the search results. This will mislead you with false information.
Below is a screenshot of the redirects, please check for your reference.


How to Remove Redirect from IE/FF/Chrome?

Tools you may need to repair the redirect:
Cloud System Booster—It provides free tools (Anvi Uninstaller, and Anvi Browser Repair Tools) to help you uninstall unwanted programs and repair browser redirect problem.

Cloud System Booster Download



Anvi Smart Defender— eliminates malicious file related redirect and protects your computer from further adware or malware.

Anvi Smart Defender Download


After you download and install the necessary programs, please follow the step-by-step instruction below to repair the browser redirect. Should you have any problem, please leave a reply below.

step 1

Uninstall malicious browser add-on that relate to redirect.


1. Please open Cloud System Booster and click Toolbox > Download Anvi Uninstall and then run it.


2. Search for items that look suspicious select click Uninstall. You are highly encouraged to check program in “Recently Installed” list and remove any suspicious programs.


step 2

Repair redirect problem with Anvi Browser Repair Tool.


1. Open Cloud System Booster and click Toolbox > Download Anvi Browser Repair Tool and then run it.

2. After that, please run it, and then click on the Repair button which will scan and remove the unwanted malicious toolbar from your web browser and fix your homepage or new tab page redirect.


step 3

Run Anti-malware scan to eliminate malicious file that are resident on your computer.


Anvi Smart Defender v2.3 is brand-new and powerful to remove various and most latest threats. You are highly recommended to download and install the latest version of the program to kill possible virus infection and protect your PC from being infected with other virus.


After you download and install the program, please open it, click on the Scan module, and then select one of the scan types you preferring and then start the scan to eliminate the virus infection file.



Once the scan complete, you will be displayed the scan result, please make sure to click “Apply” button to completely delete the malicious files from your computer.


Now, your computer should be clean from the redirect. Should you have any problem with processing the removal guide, please leave a reply below. We will try our best to help you with your issue.


Never want to experience this kind of pop-up virus any more? You are highly recommended to install the brand-new tool, Anvi Ad Blocker Ultimate Version.


With brand-new and users-friendly interface and a powerful database, Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate is capable of analyzing and blocking most of the browser related ads, including search links, text links, video, product comparisons and reviews, coupons, graphics or banners, or other interactive content displayed through your browser.
It supports all most common web browsers that include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate will give you a free and light surfing experience, and prevent you from falling into Internet scam and threats.

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