How to Remove ToolbarUpdaterService?

Are you experiencing an extreme slow of PC and even computer freeze? At the same time, you find a process named ToolbarUpdaterService.exe running strangely and unusually on your PC? Congratulations! Your judge is correct. ToolbarUpdaterService.exe is a malicious process which eats up most of your computer resources, that’s why your PC is so slow.


Why it’s malicious?


  • It modifies your browser settings, and loads additional pages to consume system resources.
  • It’s invisible in the system process list, which makes most spyware removal tools fail the task to detect and catch it.
  • It uses a ton of memory, resulting in an extreme slow of PC, even computer freeze.


How to remove it from your computer completely? (Manual removal guide)


step 1

End below malicious process in Windows Task Manager.


You can press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch the window.




step 2

Delete ToolbarUpdaterService.exe related registry entries.


Click here to learn how to delete registry entries.
step 3

Unregister DLLs.




Click here to learn how to unregister DLLs.


step 4

Delete all associated files from your computer.


step 5

Delete directories:


C:Program filesStartnow Toolbar


Recommended: You’d better use anti-malware program and computer cleaning tool to help you get rid of this stubborn malicious process, in case you’re inexperienced in executing above 5 steps, especially when you’re a PC novice.


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One thought on “How to Remove ToolbarUpdaterService?

  1. when i have problems like this i go into the sacerh on my computer and type it in. sometimes they hide stuff so this way you’ll get a list of everything that they have installed.when the list comes up you can right click on the items and delete them from there.ive had problems getting things out with uninstall to but this method seems to work great

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