How to Remove System Restore Virus

System restore virus is a fake system optimization and system maintanence tool. The  developer designs it like a good and normal program. It has graphic user interface, and  word expressions. What is different from others is that it can't be uninstalled  normally, and it can't be removed manually. At the same time, it always pops up to  disturb your normal work.

It may dispaly your computer errors related to hard disk or  others, which are not real but obviously fake and counterfeit. You should ignore these  error messages because they are fake, and its purpose it to persuade you buy the scam.  Many users might believe in it and have purchased, but this will not help you solve your  PC problems. What's the source of this problem is the system restore virus itself, so  the most important thing you need to do is to remove it from your computer as soon as  possible.


Please refer to the following screenshot to recongnize the one on your computer. Once  you could make sure it's similar to the one on your PC, please take our suggestions to  remove it from your computer.

what does system restore virus look like?


Normally, if we didn't download and install a program, it will not appear on our  computer. But why system restore appeared on our PC? According to our analysis, it  installed on users PC by virus infection when users surf on the Internet. Once installed  on one's PC, it will add it to the startup items into Windows, so it will start up  automatically with Windows start, and it's not easy to stop it from starting with  Windows because it's malcious and has bad purpose.

In infected with this virus, your PC might become sluggish and difficult to use. It  stops legal anti-virus program from running, and it also block users from openning task  manager to open or end any executable files or processes.


To remove it is not is, so you should download and install a anti-malware program to  scan your PC completely. After scanning, please remove all infected items and reboot  your computer.


Anti-malware program recommended: Anvi Smart Defender

Anvi Smart Defender delivers smart, powerful protection from malicious software, including viruses, Trojans, adware, spyware, ransomware, rogueware, bots and other threats online. Based on the innovative swordfish engine and the attached database updated on daily basis, Anvi Smart Defender scans, detects and removes malware in a smart, light manner.

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