How to Remove SweetIM toolbar? (Uninstall Guide)

Acting like a useful add-on which adds various shortcuts to practical and attractive pages for quick and easy access, SweetIM Toolbar has successfully win people’s trust. However, in fact, this toolbar may be added by a malicious hijacker virus. One symptom proves the suspicion: when you find SweetIM toolbar attached itself to your browser, you will also find your browser homepage is changed into


Some people find SweetIM Toolbar useful while others see it as an unwanted application. Keep seeking for the truth you will find out SweetIM belongs to the latter, especially if you don’t install it yourself.


SweetIM Toolbar is not a virus; we only classify it as unwanted application. Most commonly it ties up to some free software, and is installed without the user’s actual knowledge when the freeware is downloaded and installed. If you happened to get SweetIM Toolbar and don’t like it, below is a guide you can refer to uninstall it from your browser.


SweetIM Toolbar removal:


Step 1 Uninstall SweetIM toolbar.

Go to Control Panel to manage Add or Remove Programs. Find and locate SweetIM Toolbar and click on Remove to erase it from your system.



Step 2 Remove Sweetpack homepage and search engines.

During the removal, you will be asked whether want to keep the SweetPacks homepage and SweetPacks search settings to continue enjoying quick access to powerful Internet search. Click No to refuse.



Step 3Repair your browser

Open the Internet Explorer, click IE Tools, enter Manage Add-ons, find and disable the SweetPacks toolbar. (You can also remove the toolbar from Google Chrome and Firefox through Manage Add-ons)


Step 4 Clean the junk files

Download a system cleaner to remove the left unwanted components which might be missed.


Click the Download button to get the cleaner directly.


Step 5
Restart your computer to experience a SweetPacks toolbar free system.


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