How to Remove Searchqu Toolbar (Uninstall Searchqu Toolbar Instruction)


What is searchqu toolbar?


Searchqu is a browser hijacker that will change your browser homepage into The searchqu toolbar is installed on your computer associated with other freewares. It violates users’ privacy and be installed without permission. The searchqu toolbar itself is virus free but it may lead users to websites with trojans. If you have installed searchqu toolbar, you will be led to every time you open the browser. It is annoying.


How to uninstall searchqu toolbar from IE step by step?


step 1
Open IE and click Tools, select Manage Add-ons.


uninstall searchqu toolbar


step 2
Choose Toolbars and Extensions. Select Searchqu Toolbar and disable them.


uninstall searchqu toolbar


After removing, change the default homepage to safe website.


How to uninstall searchqu toolbar from Firefox completely?


step 1
Open Firefox, click Tools and click Add-ons.


remove searchqu toolbar


step 2
Click Extensions and select searchqu Toolbar to uninstall.


uninstall searchqu toolbar


Change the default homepage to the safe website after uninstalling this toolbar.

To ensure the searchqu toolbar related files are removed completed, you’d better run full scan of your computer.

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