How to Remove Redirect Virus


In this ubiquitous online-threats era, various tricks in way of malware, virus, browser redirect hijacker, worm, etc constantly come out to annoy people and Internet security is in the teeth of the storm. Well, if there is redirection to malicious redirect virus on your computer, read more here to get rid of it for free!


What is broswer redirect virus is a dangerous Google redirect virus that pretends as Google search engine and tricks people with pop-up WON note. is executed and installed to a Windows xp, vista, 7 stealthy that is set on malicious sites earlier or packed with untrusted program installation as fake toolbar or add-on. This redirect virus disguises itself as a real search help domain however its notification ” You are the 999,999th visitor: Congratulations you WON! Click here to claim” reduces its credit. In fact, such notification is frequently used by hacker to scam money online with epigamic messages in order to misguide users follow its crap words. not only threatens the system but also opens system network ports and spreads backdoor, key-logger, zero access rootkit to local machine. Bear in mind, DON’T click the prompt generated by Otherwise, you will be redirected to sites with advertisements or trap for your money. Let alone this browser redirect virus will make your privacy on risks since it attempts to access user’s online long on account and password by watching system cookie.


Anyway, before accessing to your confidential information or turning your computer worse, make sure your PC is real-timely protected by reliable security software. Here try Anvi Smart Defender for practical assistance. For this you just need to follow this steps: Download the Anvi Smart Defender (for free)–>Installation—>Full Scan—>Delete the detected results—>Reboot your PC.  If any question else on removing, feel free to contact us for convenient help.

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