How to Remove Redirect Virus (Browser Hijacker Removal Guide) is a fake search engine that hijacks the browser with the help of Trojans, redirecting searching results to its affiliated websites or other random web pages which are usually full of ads or porn related. If infected, the victim system would be totally messed up and the privacy data on the compromised computer are on huge risks. The is classified as the nasty Google redirect virus. Read on for detailed guide to remove this redirect virus infection.


A Screenshot of Redirect Virus

How to Get Rid of Infection


step 1

Download and install the anti-malware program- Anvi Smart Defender.


Click the Download button to save the file directly.


This is to full scan the system to make sure no virus infection.


step 2

Download Anvi Browser Repair Tool to fix the redirect problem in one-click.


About Anvi Browser Repair Tool:Anvi Browser Repair Tool is specialized in repairing browser settings and networking settings such as homepage, DNS settings, safe startup, plug-ins, Title Bar, etc, altered by malware infections. It also assists in normalizing safe browser searching.


Click the Download Button to get it for free.


step 3

Restart your computer to complete the process.


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