How to Remove (A Quick Removal Guide)

What is How does it come to my browser? How to remove it from my Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in a quick and easy way? This article provides you quick specs for the PUP, and a complete and step by step instruction on how to eliminate it. Read on to explore more.




Although claims itself as a spam-free search engine, is classified as PUP (possible unwanted program) by many users. It’s bundled with freeware installation, and slips into computer system without user’s actual knowledge. Once captures your system, it will hijack your browser homepage, replace your default search engine with, and post on your Facebook wall.


Some may accept this website as face value, as it just appears like Google search, though not that popular and well-known. Unsuspecting victims who fall for this browser hijacker is at high risky, as the designer of such browser hijacker may collect search terms and transfer your online activities from your queries through this search engine, which means your privacy and other confidential data, such as credit card details might be compromised. Search Engine Screenshot:









PUP As Prevention Tips:


1. Guard your PC with a powerful and solid security suite that is quick and accurate to response.
Recommended: Anvi Smart Defender- prevent virus infection in a proactive way. Scan and ferret out virus infection in an effective and quick way.


The reputable anti-malware program’s web guard can filter and block malicious website attack.
2. Keep a sharp eye while installing freeware. Uncheck potential unwanted guidance to avoid installing toolbar, changing search provider, or setting unknown website as homepage. Removal Guide:


For Internet Explorer Users:


step 1

Download Anvi Smart Defender (Tool needed for this fix).


You will be taken to CNET Download site (Expert trusted), Click Download Now to continue the operation.



step 2

Find and install the program.



step 3

Switch to ToolBox. (The last option)



step 4

Click on Anvi Browser Repair Tool (Enabled in ASD Free/Pro)



step 5

Change the homepage by putting the desired URL in the blank space circled in Read.



step 6

Check the options according to your needs. (Default settings recommended)



step 7

Click the Fix button to complete the operation.


step 8

Reboot your PC to enjoy a disinfected system.


Note: Browser Repair Tool currently only supports Internet Explorer Redirect Fix. We will improve the tool to support more search providers, such as Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Any suggestions or good ideas in helping improve our product are highly appreciated. Please send your feedback at


Remove from IE, FF and Chrome:


step 1

Run your antivirus program for a full scan.


This is to ferret out and eliminate all possible virus infections that your computer has to ensure a healthy and clean PC.


step 2

Uninstall associated third party programs via the Control Panel.


Go to the Control Panel, select Programs, and navigate to uninstall FBDownloader and any other programs developed by HTTO Group Ltd.



step 3

Remove suspicious toolbar/add-ons/extensions.


Google Chrome:

Wrench Icon > Tools > Extensions > Find and delete related toolbar/add-on/extension


Mozilla Firefox:

Tools > Add-ons (Ctrl+Shift+A) > Find and delete related toolbar/add-on/extension


Internet Explorer:

Tools > Manage Add-ons > Find and delete related toolbar/add-on/extension


step 4

Clear cookies of your affected browsers.


Google Chrome:

Tools > Options > Click the “Under the Bonnet” tab and locate the “Privacy” section > Click the “Clear browsing data” button > Select “Delete cookies and other site data”


Mozilla Firefox:

Tools > Options > Privacy > Click “Remove individual cookies” > In the Cookies panel, click on “Show Cookies” > click on the “Remove Cookie” to select and remove a single cookie or click on the “Remove All Cookies button” to remove all.


Internet Explorer:

Tools > Internet Options > General > Browse to “Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords, and web form information” > Delete > Tick the Cookies box > Click on Delete to complete.


step 5

Reset homepage.


Google Chrome:

Wrench Icon > Options > Basics > Change the homepage accordingly. You are that smart.


Mozilla Firefox:

Tools > Options > General > Startup > type the website that you want to set as the homepage in the Home Page bar or directly choose Show a blank page > Click OK to complete


Internet Explorer:

Tools > Internet Option > General > Type the website that you want to set as the homepage in the address bar, or directly click on Use Blank.


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