How to Remove Sacem Police Nationale Ransomware

Sacem Police Nationale is a ransomware that targets users in French-speaking countries such as France, Belgium and Luxemburg. This virus that designed to lock users' computers is mainly spread by trojans, malicious websites or freeware you downloaded. It enters the compromised computer secretly and will change the registry key entries without users' permission. With Windows start, it will start automatically and drop malicious codes into the system in order to lock the desktop.

After that, it will display a pop up alert claiming that the action on this mechine has violated the law of France by spreading forbidden contents such as porn videos. To increase the reliability, it also list the IP address. Victims are asked for a 100Euro fine to unlock the computer and escape from being prosecuted. Actually the main purpose of the hacker behind this ransomware is to scam users' money. What's worse, this ransomware may install numerous corrupt files into the system and make the computer unusable. It's no doubt that Sacem Police Nationale should be removed as early as possible to release the computer.



Removal Option 1 Using Anvi Rescue Disk to recover your computer

Anvi Rescue Disk is a brand-new blockbuster developed by Anvisoft to help users remove ransomware infection. If your computer is locked up due to ransomware infection and even unable to boot into safe mode, then you may need this powerful ransomware killer–Anvi Rescue Disk to save your computer OS.

Anvi Rescue Disk Download:


(Note:rescueDisk.iso is a large file download; please be patient while downloading.)
Details about how to remove this ransomware with Anvi Rescue Disk, please refer to this article:
You may also need to check the article about Tutorial on Network Configuration if you fail to connect to Internet cloud when you are using Anvi Rescue Disk to recover your computer.
For any question, please feel free to let us know. You can simply leave a reply or send us an email (

Ransomware Removal Guide video

Option 2 Safe Mode with Command Prompt Restore

In some case,when your computer is not severely infected, you can easily recover your computer with Windows restore point. For detail information , please read more on following steps.

step 1

Reboot your computer to Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Unplug your Internet Cable and boot your computer into safe mode or normal mode. Please note that you should log in as administrator. By disconnecting your operating system from Internet, Sacem Police Nationale Ransomware Virus will be disabled to run on your computer.

step 2

Once the Command Prompt appears you only have few seconds to type “explorer” and hit Enter. If you fail to do so within 2-3 seconds, the ransomware virus will not allow you to type anymore.


step 3

Once Windows Explorer shows up browse to:

Win XP: C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and press Enter
Win Vista/Seven: C:\windows\system32\rstrui.exe and press Enter

step 4

Follow all steps to restore or recover your computer system to an earlier time and date (restore point), before infection.

step 5

Download and install Anvi Smart Defender to remove all threats detected and reboot your PC. A good antivirus program can prevent your computer from getting those similar infection in future.
We highly recommend you to install your computer with a legitimate antivirus/antimalware program. Anvi Smart Defender can provide computers with real-time, smart and powerful protection against viruses, Trojans, adware, spyware, ransomware, rogueware, bots and other online threats.

Anvi Smart Defender Download


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5 thoughts on “How to Remove Sacem Police Nationale Ransomware

  1. Thanks I’ve gotten as far as booting from my USB but when I try to scan it says, “failed to connect to cloud server.” I’m connected to the internet because I can browse web pages using Mozilla. Any ideas?

    • Thank you for contacting Anvisoft. I apologize if there is any problem.

      Could you please try following steps to connect to Internet by using
      PPPOE(xDSL) Dial:

      1. Please open Network program on
      the Anvi Rescue Disk desktop.

      2. Switch to DSL tab to configue
      your network.

      3. In the page of DSL configuration,
      please enter a Connection Name, such as DSL connection 1, (you can enter
      whatever name you like).

      4. Select the option “Connect
      automatically”, and then enter your Username and password.

      5. At last, click Save to confirm
      your configuration.

      If any problem, please feel free to contact us.

      Thanks a lot for your support.

  2. Im having the same problem as alex here, in the bottom of the screen it says cloud status connected but at about 10 seconds it says failed to connect to cloud server. i have always on cable connection. im assuming you mean my computers username and log in which didnt do anything, i am connected through a wired router, does that matter?

    • Hello,

      I apologize for the problem. We analysize and run the program Anvi Resuce

      The sever is unstable. We already restarted it and the problem gets fixed.

      Please take the tool Anvi Rescue Disk to repair your computer again.

      If any problem, please feel free to contact us.

      Thanks a lot for your support.

      Best wishes,


      Anvisoft Support Team

  3. same problem as ryan and alex. Everytime I start to scan my computer, it will scan for about 30 seconds then says failed to connect to cloud server, but I am connected to internet.

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