How to Remove RadioRage Toolbar and Redirect?

I am getting RadioRage Toolbar on my web browser task bar, and as my homepage, am I under a malware attack? What are they? Are RadioRage Toolbar and startup page safe? I tried to repair my web browser settings but all in vain.
Help, please.
This post is going to provide step by step instruction on how to remove RadioRage Toolbar and redirect. If you have the same problem described above, please read more on this article. Hope it works and help you solve the problem you met.

What are RadioRage Toolbar and Redirect?

RadioRage Toolbar is a free program that claims to enable you enjoy one-click access to the latest music, including a wide variety of streaming radio stations, music videos, industry headlines, plus song and artist recommendations – all in one convenient spot! is a browser search engine which offers you quick access to Facebook, Twitter log in, and any other popular website.


Both RadioRage Toolbar and are powered by ASK Ltd. and are categorized as potentially unwanted programs (PUP), which are often promoted via other free downloads, such as video converter programs, video players, and download manager programs. In case of the unfriendly distribution way, people are usually unaware of how and when those annoying PUP come to install on their computer and web browser and always rank in low acceptance of this kind of software. Some antivirus programs even detect them as adware program; actually, RadioRage Toolbar and are acting annoying more than malicious. After installed, conduit search starts to change the default browser settings that results in homepage and new tab page being redirected to^ZX^yyyyyy^YYA^US, while RadioRage Toolbar adds itself under the task bar and provide you quick access to some websites that enable you to listen web radio.
Below is a screenshot of RadioRage Toolbar and redirect:

RadioRage Toolbar and redirect are not malicious related, but they are not safe either, to be precise, they invade computer users’ privacy by recording browsing history, monitor search habit and collect personal information for commercial use, actually to distribute advertisement. If you find RadioRage Toolbar install on your web browser, and your homepage and new tab page, you are highly encouraged to repair them as soon as possible.

How to Remove RadioRage Toolbar and Redirect?

Below we will introduce two basic ways to remove RadioRage Toolbar and redirect from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome, please choose one of the methods to repair your problem. Should you have any problem, please leave a reply below.

Optional I Remove RadioRage Toolbar and Redirect from IE/FF/Chrome Manually


For Google Chrome User

1. Open Google Chrome, click on Chrome menu button. Go to ToolsExtensions.Click on the trashcan icon to remove RadioRage toolbar.


2. Go to Chrome Settings, go Search area, click on Manage Search Engines…


Select Google or any other search engine you like from the list and make it your default search engine provider, and then select ASK from the list and remove it by clicking the “X” mark.

repair Google Chrome search engine


For Firefox User

1. Click Start, and navigate to: Control Panel.
Select “Add/Remove Programs” from the Control Panel. If you are using Windows Vista/7 users, this will be called “Programs/Features”.

Select RadioRage Firefox Toolbar from the listed programs, and click Uninstall/Remove.


2. Please click on the magnifying glass search icon and select Manage Search Engine…
remove ask search from Firefox

Select Ask Web Search and click on Remove Button to delete it.

remove ask search engine from firefox

3. Go to ToolsOptions. Under the General tab reset the startup homepage or change it to, etc.


repair firefox homepage


For Internet Explorer User

1. Click Start, and navigate to: Control Panel.
Select “Add/Remove Programs” from the Control Panel. If you are using Windows Vista/7 users, this will be called “Programs/Features”.

Select RadioRage Internet Explorer Toolbar from the listed programs, and click Uninstall/Remove.

2. Open Internet Explorer, Go to Tools> Internet Options> General > replace with a desired domain or leave it as blank > Click Apply to complete the operation.


repair IE homepage

3. Go to Tools >> Manage Add-ons, Select search providers tab, remove the ASK Web Search from the list.
remove ask search engine from IE

Option II Remove RadioRage Toolbar and Redirect from IE/FF/Chrome automatically

1. Download and install the browser repair tool Anvi Slim Toolbar.

2. After the installation complete, please start Anvi Slim Toolbar. On the main screen of the program, please click on the Manage button to detect malicious and unwanted toolbar.

Please find any toolbar related to RadioRage toolbar, select them and click Remove button to delete it from your web browser. Please make sure to remove all the RadioRage toolbar under Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox to completely free from the annoying adware.
3. After you remove all conduit search toolbar, please go back to main screen again, and then select Browser Repair to fix your web browser homepage and search engine.

Select the relative browser that you need to repair, and the select homepage and search engine you need Anvi Slim toolbar do. If you have problem on multiple web browsers such as IE/FF/Chrome, please make sure to repair them all.



Protection Tips

After you removed the PUP from your computer and web browser manually, you are still highly encouraged to take Antimalware program Anvi Smart Defender to real-timely protect your operating system to prevent it coming back again.

Anvi Smart Defender offers advanced malware detection and removal capability and powerful real-time protection for extra PC security.


Download Anvi Smart Defender Now and Experience Safe Computer Environment!


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