How to Remove Police Nationale Francaise Virus? (Ukash Virus Removal Guide)

Computers get locked by Police Nationale Francaise? Are you asked to pay a sum of fine to unlock your computer?  Be attention, this is a scam. Police Nationale Francaise is a ransomware virus which pretends to be an official organization to scam victim to pay for the money via Ukash or Paysafecard.


When you get such kind of message, please do not pay any money. It will not help you to unlock your computer even you pay. The only method is to remove the Police Nationale Francaise Virus.


Police Nationale Francaise presents itself on your computer by completely taking over your screen to stop you from doing any operation on your computer and showing you a fake message about that you are do illegal activity.  This is caused by a kind of malware which we call it Winlocker. It should be removed immediately once you detect it.


image of Police Nationale Francaise


Police Nationale Francaise Virus Removal Guide

Option 1 Remove this ransomware with Anvi Rescue Disk

Anvi Rescue Disk is a brand-new blockbuster introduced by Anvisoft to help users remove ransomware infection. If your computer is locked up due to ransomware infection and even unable to boot into safe mode, then you may need this powerful ransomware killer–Anvi Rescue Disk to save your computer OS.

Anvi Rescue Disk Download:


(Note:rescueDisk.iso is a large file download; please be patient while downloading.)
Details about how to remove this ransomware with Anvi Rescue Disk, please refer to this article:
For any question, please feel free to let us know. You can simply leave a reply or send us an email (


Ransomware Removal Guide video

Option 2 Safe Mode with Command Prompt Restore

 If you can boot your computer into Safe Mode, please refer to the following tutorial.

Step 1

Reboot your computer to Safe Mode with Command Prompt.


During the start, keep pressingF8key till the Advanced Windows Options Menu shows up and then use the arrow key on the keyboard to highlight the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option and then pressEnter.
Note: make sure you login your computer with administrative privileges. (login as admin)




Step 2
Once the Command Prompt appears you only have few seconds to type モexplorerヤ and hit Enter. If you fail to do so within 2-3 seconds, the ransomware virus will not allow you to type anymore.




Step 3

Once Windows Explorer shows up browse to:
Win XP: C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and press Enter
Win Vista/Seven: C:\windows\system32\rstrui.exe and press Enter


Step 4
Follow all steps to restore or recover your computer system to an earlier time and date (restore point), before infection.




Step 5
Download and install Anvi Smart Defender to remove all threats detected and reboot your PC.


Anvi Smart Defender Download:


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