How to Remove from Firefox New Tab? (Removal Guide) comes to capture your Firefox without your consent? Want to eliminate this hijacker, but get bothered by removal guides provided online, because they are too complicated to follow? What’s the easiest way to permanently remove from Firefox? Check more in this article. Screenshot: Quick removal guide (Firefox):


Step 1: Repair Firefox browser settings.

Step 2: Check Windows Hosts file, and remove potential malicious entries.

Step 3: Clean out corrupt files, and fix registry errors left by with a system cleaner. (NEVER ignore! Or your computer may run into system DLL errors.)


Detailed information


step 1

Repair Firefox browser settings.


a. Remove from the homepage.


Tools> Options> General> Replace with a preferred domain> Click OK to complete the change.



b. Remove from opened new tabs.


Type about:config into the address bar> Press Enter> Accept the Warning> Search for browser.newtab.url in the search bar >Right click on the result and select Modify> Hit OK to apply the change.



c. Change the default search provider of Firefox.


Search for instead of browser.newtab.url (as we did in step b.) in the search bar > Right click on the name and select Modify> Type Google (e.g.) in the box> Hit OK to complete the change.



d. Remove related add-ons.


Tools > Add-ons (Ctrl+Shift+A) > Extensions> Find and Remove unknown and suspicious add-ons.



step 2

Check Windows Hosts file, and remove additional malicious entries.

There are chances that Windows Hosts file has been changed. Check and remove additional entries.


Go to: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts




Go to Start> Run> Type C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts in the search box, and press Enter> Open the hosts file with Notepad, and you should see below image.



For Windows XP or for Windows Server 2003, there should be only: localhost


For Windows 7, there should be only:


# localhost

# ::1 localhost


For Windows Vista or for Windows Server 2008, there should be only: localhost

::1 localhost


If you see more lines of code and IPs, delete them


step 3

Scan your PC with a system cleaner.


This is to remove browser cookies, caches, corrupt files, and fix registry errors left by


Very Important: It may take a long time for your browsers to load a page, and your computer may run into system DLL errors after the removal due to invalid registry entries, and corrupt ones remained in the system. You need to repair such errors, and clean out junk files to return your browsers back into normal.


Run your installed system cleaner or download Cloud System Booster– the reputable system cleaner to repair your system now!


a. Click here to download Cloud System Booster to fix the problem.


Free version Download: (Clean, Repair, Boost your PC for free.)


Extra Benefits in Cloud System Booster Toolbox Free Version:


+ Anvi RMA Booster (Release memory timely to help maintain a high-performance PC)

+ Anvi Uninstaller (Help you easily manage installed programs on your PC.)


Pro Version Download: (+ Extra benefits, learn more here.)


b. Install the program, and click on Boost button to fix the problem.



c. Restart your computer.

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5 thoughts on “How to Remove from Firefox New Tab? (Removal Guide)

  1. Omg > it works!!! thanks so much.
    the only problem after that was that my Firefox could not load the images of facebook, twitter etc.. after i restart my com.
    Was so worried then I try to google it up and I went to tools > options > advanced > network > clear cache.
    then after that was able to load the images and assess the web.
    thank god. Hope nothing goes wrong in the future!

    Thanks for sharing!! Finally gotten this virus out of my com!~

    • Good to know your problem is solved. In fact Cloud System Booster has the ability to clear all browser cookies and caches. Hope everything goes well with you in the future.

      You’re welcomed to start a thread in our forum or contact us at at anytime for any computer problem. Best regards.

      • Make sure the Cloud System Booster: Home Mode> Cleaner> Settings> Boost> Cleaner> Privacy Clean> Cookies and cache clean option are checked.

        Any suggestions in helping us improve our products are highly appreciated. ^ ^

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