How to Remove Redirect Virus

When searching with Google, all search results become an error or everything else redirect to’s homepage. Your PC is infected with redirect virus. How did this happen? This happens because of two potential possibilities. One is your web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome, which is hijacked by browser hijacker. The other one is your system might be infected with Rootkit that will change all your search results and redirect them to some malicious sites with many ads. You will find that really annoying because all your search results are changed, and your computer slows down, and your homepage is change into the


If all your search results in Google were redirected to the site below, you must attention that your PC might be infected with redirect rootkit virus.


newipnow virus


You may find that it’s difficult to make your Google search engine back to normal because of this infection. It’s stubborn and not simple to detect and remove. It change your DNS settings, modify your Windows Host files, and also add items into your Windows registry, so that it would start with Windows and slow down computer. Computer performance is slowing down is not the most important thing, you must be aware of that it may steal your personal information from your computer. You must remove it as soon as possible.


How to Remove Virus?

Before you go to remove the virus infection with antivirus or antimalwre tools, please perform following manual measures one by one to ensure that you can remove the virus completely from your computer. Here we go.

step 1

Check your hosts file and remove any malicious entries.


Hosts file locates on C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. Then there will come out hosts files and hosts backup files. Open both of them in the form of notepad and then make sure the hosts file is in accordance with the hosts backup file.


Should there is no backup host files in your computer, please open Host Files with Notepad. The default host files should be only one line: localhost in Windows XP and localhost ::1 in Windows Vista, if there’re more lines, please delete all of them and save the change.

step 2

Clear browser cookie and cache


Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer->Tools->Internet Option->General->Navigate to the Browsing History area->Click Delete Button->Click Delete once again to finish the process.




Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome->Wrench Icon->Options->Under the Hood->Clear Browsing Data->Click Clear Browsing Data to finish the process.



Mozilla Firefox


Open Mozilla Firefox->Tools->Clear Recent History->Click Clear Now button to finish the process.



step 3

Reset homepage.


Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer->Tools->Internet Option->General.

You have two options. One is to set homepage as a blank page. The other is to set a certain website as the homepage. Then click OK to save the change.



Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome->Wrench Icon->Options->Basics

On Startup area, select Open the home page. Then navigate to the Home page area, you also have two options here, please refer to Mozilla Firefox homepage reset guide.



Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox->Tools->Options->General->Startup

You have two options. One is to select when Firefox Starts Show a blank page and then click Ok to save the change. The other is to set a certain website (Just type a website into the address box) as the homepage. Then click OK to save the change.

step 4

Run Anti-malware scan


You are highly recommended to download and install the free malware removal toll Anvi Smart Defender to full scan your computer system.

Anvi Smart Defender Download



Alternative way to remove the browser hijacker

Anvi Ad Blocker by Anvisoft is designed to help users block suspicious websites, risky pop ups and banners.

Download Anvi Ad Blocker->install and run Anvi Ad Blocker->click MORE on top right of its main screen and then select Settings->Select Black List->click Add URL and type into the input window->Click OK to save the change.


Anvi AD Blocker Download



After downloading and installing Anvi Ad Blocker v2.0, you can enjoy a 15-day free trial, after the trial period ended, you can directly buy it if you want to continue keep your web browser safe and clean.

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