How to Remove Browser Hijacker?

Recently, many users send email to Anvisoft Technical Support and report the program Mywebsearch. They complained that after they install the free program Mywebsearch, their computer start to be crazy and they get two different toolbar on their computer. This article is mainly going to help users who have problem to uninstall mywebsearch.

If you install mywebsearch toolbar under your inadvertent conscious, please read more to learn how to uninstall the program and repair the problem caused by mywebsearch.
Mywebsearch can be installed on your computer via the official free installation program; it can also be distributed by third parties free program. Although mywebsearch is claiming to offer you free search engine, and freshest content of the website, you are still highly recommended to uninstall the toolbar or browser add-on because it may change your homepage and search engine to Redirect and Mywebsearch Toolbar Removal Guide:

step 1

Run Anti-malware program to kill the unwanted toolbar and search engine.


Anvi Smart Defender is highly recommended to kill the malware program. Anvi Smart Defender is a powerful anti-malware program which is aiming to kill all kind of malicious programs, viruses, Trojans as well as adware. You can download the program by clicking button below.


After you download and install Anvi Smart Defender, please run full scan or quite scan to eliminate the unwanted program. As the page displayed below, the detections of Spyware.Zbot.250031 is mywebsearch related, please make sure to remove it.


step 2

Repair the browser problem. Here we take Google Chrome as an example.


Remove the mywebsearch add-on/extension from web browser:

Open Chrome, click on the Settings icon (wrench) and navigate to Tools > Extensions.
Select the My Web Search Toolbar plugin from the list of extensions, and click Uninstall or Disable.

Reset the homepage:

To do this, please go to Google Chrome Settings, locate On Startup area.


Click on the Set pages and remove




In cases that the malicious or unwanted program always distributed via free, cracked program, we suggest you download and install program only from reputed sources. What’s more, please keep Anvi Smart Defender on your computer to protect your PC from the infections of viruses, Trojans and malicious programs.

Anvi Smart Defender Pro version will offer more real time protection that including Web guard, Behavior Guard, USB Guard ad Adware Guard. We highly recommend you purchase Anvi Smart Defender Pro to offer ultimate protection for your computer.


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