How to Remove Keep My Search? (BuenoSearch Hijack Removal Guide)


Keep My Search(PUP)


Keep My Search belongs to the category of PUP, short for potentially unwanted program. It contains browser hijacker including BuenoSearch and Conduit Toolbar in its installation package. Through tracking users into believing it is a useful desktop program and installing it, it enables BuenoSearch or Conduit Toolbar to change the browser default settings. It is a deceptive installation means called Bundling.



Out of the trust, people who never suspect that Keep My Search is such an unreliable application end up being the victims of browser hijacker. Now, let’s take BuenoSearch hijack as an example to see what it is and its bad influence.



BuenoSearch Hijack


Buenosearch, also referred to as, is a browser hijacker that usually comes along with PUP (here is Keep My Search). Once installed, it will change the homepage, new tab page and default search engine of your web browser (IE/Firefox/Chrome) to



BuenoSearch is actually an ad-supported search engine although looks like a legitimate search engine. In some cases, it will redirect your search to, and it will display advertisements and sponsored links in your search results to boost advertising revenue and to increase certain sites’ page ranking. It may also collect search terms from your search queries and monitor your online activities in order to feed you more precise ads.


As numerous Browser Hijacker, adware and Toolbar will be bundled with PUPs, users have to be more attentive when they download programs from the internet and remember to select Custom Installation to opt out all of “bundled programs”.

How to Remove Keep My Search and BuenoSearch Hijack



Outline of the removal guide:


Step 1 Uninstall Keep My Search and Bueno Toolbar


Step 2 Remove redirect from IE/FF/Chrome


Step 3 Clean up residual files and invalid registry entries


To remove Keep My Search and Buenosearch hijack from Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox completely, please follow the guide below. If you have any questions, please leave a reply below and we will try our best to help you resolve your problem.


Step 1 Uninstall Keep My Search and Bueno Toolbar



For Windows 8 Users:


Move the mouse pointer to the right side corner → select Search → search for “control panel” to get Control Panel→ click on Uninstall a Program → locate Keep My Search and Bueno Toolbar as well as any suspicious programs → click on Uninstall button


For Windows 7/Vista Users:


Click on Start button → Select Control Panel → Click on Uninstall a Program / Programs and Features → locate Bueno Toolbar as well as any suspicious programs → Click on Uninstall button



Step 2 Remove Buenosearch hijack from IE/FF/Chrome


Alternative—Repair your installed browser with Anvi Slim Toolbar


Although Keep my Search and Buenosearch related programs are uninstalled, the settings of your web browser won’t revert accordingly. That means you need to restore the settings by yourselves.


For Internet Explorer Users
For Mozilla Firefox Users
For Google Chrome Users



For Internet Explorer Users:


1. To change homepage: click on the gear icon or Tools at the top right corner → select Internet options → hit General tab in the menu → replace with a preferred domain like or choose Use default


IE-homepage set


2. To remove extension: click on the gear icon or Tools → select Manage Add-ons → go to Toolbars and Extensions tab → search for any unwanted or unknown toolbar and extension → right click on it  → choose Disable in the drop-down menu → close the window and click on OK button




3. To reset search provider: Switch to Search Providers tab → right click a desired search provider → select Set as default → right click on or any suspicious search provider → select Remove → click Apply and OK to complete the setting


IE-Search Providers


Next step—Clean up residual files and invalid registry entries




For Mozilla Firefox Users:


1. To remove extensions and plugins: click on the orange Firefox button firefox button on the upper left corner of the browser → hit Add-ons → go to Extensions tab → Remove suspicious extensions


Switch to Plugins tab → Disable suspicious plugins


2. To change homepage: click on the orange Firefox button firefox button → hit Options→ select General → choose Restore to Default.


3. To reset default search engine: Click on the inverted triangle in the search bar → choose Manage Search Engines → locate Search/ or any suspicious search engines → hit Remove and OK → click the inverted triangle again → select a preferred search provider as default search engine from the menu


Firefox-search engine


Next step—Clean up residual files and invalid registry entries




For Google Chrome Users:


Click on Customize icon (Wrench or 3 bar icon) →select Settings


Chrome settings


1. To reset startup page: hit Set pages → remove by clicking the X at the end of the bar


2. To change homepage: hit Change →change homepage to or any other webs you desire


3. To reset default search engine: click on Manage search engine → set a desired search engine as your default search engine → remove any unwanted and suspicious search engine from the list


4. To remove extension: click Extensions above Settings → search for suspicious extensions → click the Recycling Bin to remove it


Next step—Clean up residual files and invalid registry entries



Optional Troubleshoot–Repair your installed browser with Anvi Slim Toolbar


Also, you can download and install a tool to assist you to complete the repair of your browser. Anvi Slim Toolbar is such an application.


1. Download and install Anvi Slim Toolbar by clicking the link below.



Anvi Slim Toolbar


2. Delete unwanted and suspicious extension and add-ons:


Launch Anvi Slim Toolbar → Switch to Manage tab → check or tick unwanted and suspicious extension and add-ons → hit Remove button


Anvi Slim Toolbar-scan results


3. Empty trash bin:


The removed toolbars and extensions are placed in the trash bin in case you want them back, so you need to empty the trash bin regularly.


Click on the trash bin icon, then you can restore or remove toolbars and extensions there.


Slim toolbar-trash bin


4. Modify browser settings:


Go to Browser Repair tab → chose the browser you are going to repair → set the homepage to your preferred website → select a desired search engine → click on the Repair button




Step 3 Clean up residual files and invalid registry entries


Please note that although Keep My Seach and Buenosearch related malicious programs are uninstalled, there are still many residual files – like invalid registry entries still on your computer. These junk files occupy disk space of your computer and may degrade your computer performance over time. It is complicated to delete them manually, so you may need the help of a system cleaner or system optimizer. We recommend you Cloud System Booster.


1. Download and install the free or paid version of Cloud System Booster.



2. Launch Cloud System Booster and click on the Quick Care button.



3. Click on Clean button after scan finished.



Now, your computer should have been free from the infection of Keep My Search and redirect. If you have encountered any problem in the removing process, please leave a reply and we will help you fix your problem as soon as possible.



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