How to Remove Internet Explorer Malicious Proxy Server Added by a Virus?

Cybercrooks nowadays are crafty and slick. They make virus with ability to alter your Internet LAN settings and add a malicious Proxy Server to block you from getting connected to the Internet so as to hinder you from downloading files, especially removal tool form security websites. So there should be no surprise if you are impeded to some websites after being attacked by a malware or Trojan.


Luckily, disable a malicious proxy server in Internet Explorer can be easily and quickly achieved from its configuration menus. If you are seeking for guides, just keep reading on.


Instructions to Remove a Malicious Proxy Server:



step 1

Open the Internet Explorer.


step 2

RIf the menu bar is hidden, press the ALT key on the keyboard to reveal it.


step 3

Click on the Tools Menu.


step 4

Click Internet Options.


step 5

Select Connections and click on the LAN settings button.


step 6

Remove the malicious Proxy server
Remove the check mark in the check box labeled Use a proxy server for your LAN and click OK to complete and close the window.


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