How to Remove Illegale Activiteit Gedetecteerd Virus

Illegale activiteit gedetecteerd! is a title of a new politie ransomware that already infected on many computers in the Netherlands. This warning alert is post as an office notice from the ransomware Korps Landelijke Politiediensten. It claims that the actions on this computer violated the Law and the computer is locked to prevent spreading anti-law contents. Please aware that the report is not real and it is used to scare your money. It tells you that you have to pay a fine to unlock your computer, otherwise the files on your computer will be removed. If you are fooled to pay this ridiculous fine, your financial information will be stole. Therefore, ignore this fake alert and remove it as early as possible once found on your computer.


Remove Illegale Activiteit Gedetecteerd Virus with Anvi Smart Defender.


step 1

Download Anvi Smart Defender by clicking the Download button below.

Anvi Smart Defender commits to delivering best protection to your PC. Download now and give your computer a chance to keep off malware, Trojans, rogueware, ransomware, etc.


step 2

Update the malware database to the latest version.



step 3

Full Scan your PC with Anvi Smart Defender.



step 4

Follow Anvi Smart Defender’s instruction to remove all treats foubd.


step 5

Restart your PC.


Note: Trojan.win32.agent.rzlb is changeable. If you still happen to some problems, please feel free to contact us with


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