How to Remove Genius Box Adware from your browser? (Removal Guide)

Similar to the LessTabs, Genius Box is categorized as an potentially unwanted adware considering its behavior. It can be added to all your browsers as a browser extension.

Designed by TGF Interactive, Genius Box promises that it enables users to view the most relevant search results from all your favorite websites and search engines such as Flickr, YouTube, Ebay and Amazon quickly and easily without having to open additional windows / tabs, or going to multiple sites and then performing the same searches on each of them.

It seems like Genius Box is a very useful browser application, but in fact this Genius Box extension can track your internet brows history and show you numerous advertisements which may cause many annoying issues. On the other hand, Genius Box usually comes bundled with other free applications from the internet, such as free videos, codes, or free softwares. When you install these free programs you may also agree to install Genius Box. You should always remember that download freewares or free applications from Internet is the most common way for your computer to be infected with malwares. Usually computer users always pay a less attention on the download and installation process. When they install some applications they may also agree to change their system settings.

Genius Box is a potentially unwanted program. You are recommended to remove it from your system. Please follow this remove guide.
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Genius Box Adware Removal Guide

STEP 1 Uninstall Genius Box from your computer
STEP 2 Remove Genius Box Related Malware Infections using Anvi Smart Defender Antimalware
STEP 3 Remove the Genius Box from your browsers
STEP 4 Block pop up ads and Genius Box using Anvi Ad Blocker
Remove invalid registry entires and malicious files left in system using Cloud System Booster


Step 1

Uninstall Genius Box from your Computer

Log on to your computer as an Administrator who has the right to add or remove software.
Click Start Menu->Control Panel (Uninstall a Program for Window 7)-> Double-click Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features for Windows 7)

Scroll down to find Genius Box related programs. Click Uninstall to uninstall these programs.


Step 2

Remove Malware Infections Related using Anvi Smart Defender Antimalware

To make sure the computer is clean from Genius Box and any potential malware infections related, you are highly recommended to use Anvi Smart Defender antimalware to protect your computer.

Use the instructions below to automatically remove malware associated with Genius Box. Anvi Smart Defender Anti-Malware software will automatically detect malware and remove malicious files once located.

Anvi Smart Defender Anti-Malware Software safe and direct download link:

1. Install Anvi Smart Defender Anti-Malware software.

2. Once Anvi Smart Defender is installed, run the program. Please always remember update it to the newest version.

3. Click on the second tab labeled “Scan” and then select the “Full Scan” option to perform a full system scan.


Step 3

Remove Genius Box from your browsers

Internet Explorer
1 Open Internet Explorer,then click on the gear icon (Tools for Windows XP users) at the top (far right), then select Manage add-ons.
2 From the Toolbars and Extensions tab, select Genius Box, and click on Disable.

Google Chrome
1 Click on the Customize icon (wrench or 3 bar icon) next to the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions.
2 Remove Genius Box extensions.

If this extension is managed and cannot be removed or disabled, click here to learn-How to Remove a Managed Google Chrome extension.
Mozilla Firefox
1 Click Tools and select Add-ons.
2 On the Extensions and Plugin search for the Genius Box add-on and remove it.


Step 4

Block pop up ads and Genius Box using Anvi Ad Blocker

To block Genius Box pop up ads from Internet browsers, you can take all advantages of this ads blocking tool- Anvi AD Blocker, which is created to filter malicious websites, phishing websites, pop up ads/flash as well as other websites that you don’t want.

For example, to block the Genius Box official website from your web browser, you can just add this Genius Box site to the blacklist of Anvi AD Blocker by clicking More-> Settings->under the Blacklist tab, click the Add URL button->Enter in the appeared window->click Add button to add the url and close the add url window-> click Apply on the settings menu and click X to close the window and save the change.

Now you can better enjoy your surfing online without any annoying pop ups or unwanted websites.

Anvi Ad Blocker is able to better protect the computer from various malware infections distributed via pop ups or malicious websites. Furthermore, it can even speed up the loading page when you are surfing online by filtering the needless ads. Buy it now.


Remove invalid registry entires and malicious files left in system using Cloud System Booster.
After the Genius Box program has been removed from your system, some residual files maybe still in there.To remove the invalid registry entries as well as any leftovers, including cache, cookies and junk files, of this virus, please download and install the system cleaner tool Cloud System Booster by clicking download link below:

Cloud System Booster download link:


After the download and install, please click the Boost button on the main screen to run a full scan. Once the scan completed, click Clean button there to remove these junk files, malicious registry entries to make sure the computer system is clean.

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