How to Remove Gamevance Toolbar and (Win32/GameVance Removal Guide)

Do you get alert from your Microsoft Security Essentials that you are infected with Win32/GameVance? Want to remove the threat but in vain? Please continue your reading and learn how to remove Win32/GameVance detected by Microsoft Security Essentials.
Gamevance Toolbar is a program deveoped by Conduit Company. By installing Gamevance toolbar,you are supposed to get the freshest content delivered directly to your browser, no matter where you are on the Web and receive the most important news and announcements instantly. Gamevance toolbar also claim to offer free games in exchange for agreement to install the software and receive advertising.

Why Gamevance Toolbar Should be uninstalled?

Although Gamevance do no harm to your computer, but it is confirmed by Microsoft Securitly Essential that it is going to collect your personal informtion from your computer, such as:

  • What Internet Service Provider (ISP) you use
  • What operating system (OS) your computer has
  • What type of browser you are using
  • Which geographic location you’re in
  • Which pages you visit on the websites it is affiliated with
  • All HTML content on the websites that you visit that it is affiliated with

Files dropped by Gamevance:


Registry created by Gamevance:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{7370F91F-6994-4595-9949-601FA2261C8D}

From all above description, we highly encourage you to uninstall the toolbar as soon as possible. As the built-in uninstaller is not included in the program, you can refer to following tips to remove Gamevance toolbar.

Gamevance Toolbar Removal Guide

step 1

Unintall Gamevance toolbar from your computer completely

Please go to the Start Menu. Select Control PanelAdd/Remove Programs.
If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, select Control Panel → Uninstall a Program.
Search for Gamevance toolbar in the list. Select the program and click Remove button.
If you are using Windows Vista/7, click Uninstall up near the top of that window.


step 2

Run Cloud System Booster Cleaner to clean the registry and junk files created by Gamevance.

Cloud System Booster is a system maintenance and optimizer tool which is designed to improve the performance of a computer by cleaning the junk files and optimizing the windows service. It can not repair a slow computer caused by virus infection. Cloud System Booster free version will not clean junks files generated by applications and software. Upgrading to PRO version makes your computer run faster.

Cloud System Booster Download


By the way, the free tool Anvi Uninstaller included in Cloud System Booster can help you remove and uninstall Gamevance toolbar quickly.


step 3

Reset homepage.


Please note, some version of Gmaevance will install unexpected toolbar and search engines on your web browser.They can be installed on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you have any problem of on your web browser, you should repair your search engine and reset your homepage.
Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer->Tools->Internet Option->General.

You have two options. One is to set homepage as a blank page. The other is to set a certain website as the homepage. Then click OK to save the change.



Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome->Wrench Icon->Options->Basics

On Startup area, select Open the home page. Then navigate to the Home page area, you also have two options here, please refer to Mozilla Firefox homepage reset guide.



Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox->Tools->Options->General->Startup

You have two options. One is to select when Firefox Starts Show a blank page and then click Ok to save the change. The other is to set a certain website (Just type a website into the address box) as the homepage. Then click OK to save the change.

step 4

Repair the search engines


Internet Explorer
To do this, please open your Internet Explorer->Tools > Manage Add-ons > Search Providers->Remove any unnecessary Search Engines from the list and make a certain search engine you prefer as your default search engine.
Google Chrome
To do this, please open your Google Chrome->Wrench Icon > Settings > Manage Search Engines->Remove any unnecessary Search Engines from the list and make a certain search engine you prefer as your default search engine.
Mozilla Firefox
To do this, please open your Mozilla Firefox->Tools > Search Icon (Magnify Glass, Arrow) > Manage Search Engines->Remove any unnecessary Search Engines from the list and make a certain search engine you prefer as your default search engine.

For detail information, please check following forum post.


Anvi Ad Blocker developed by Anvisoft team can also block suspicious website and search engines. We highly recommend you run Anvi AD Blocker to protect your from malicious domain in real time.

It monitors processes which are trying to connect network in real time, which also provides users a proactive security service. You can use Anvi AD blocker for 15 days to protect your PC from Pop up virus. To continue use Anvi AD Blocker, please purchase a license code to upgrade to Pro version.
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