How to Remove Redirect Virus? (Browser Hijacker Removal Guide)

Your searching results are constantly redirected to or other your unwanted sites full with ads and gradually your computer works slower and slower? If this is the real case happening to your computer, you should take attention about this infection now and jump to the removal guide to get rid of it in case of any further sensitive data leak, junk files downloading and the like. Be aware of the below screenshot of redirect virus.


A ScreenShot of Redirect Virus

the image of redirect virus is actually an url based browser hijacker  that brings considerable risks to the compromised system. It is installed by a nasty hijacking malware programmed to change the DNS and registry settings in Windows resulting in your web browser home page and bookmark list to redirect to the unwanted url. It may appear when you click on unsoliciated spam email links or download corrupt p2p downloads.This redirect virus may produce unsolicited popup ads, harvast your surfing data and significantly drag speed of your compter. Such a trojan-related redirect virus ought to stay for no reason and anyone encountering it is supposed to get rid of by following below steps Removal Guide

step 1

Reboot your computer to safe mode with networking.


safe mode with networking


step 2

Download and install Anti-malware Anvi Smart Defender
Download the Antimalware tool-Anvi Smart Defender and install it.


Free Malware Scanner Download

the image of anvi smart defender


step 3

Malware Scan and Delete
Perform a full scan and delete all detected results. Please note, before you perform the malware scan, please update the database of Anvi Smart Defender to the latest version.


the image of Anvi Smart Defender fullscan


step 4

Restart and Check
Reboot your computer to normal to make sure the computer is clean from any malware infections. Please note, to completely return the browser searching without unwanted redirections, you still need to manually repair the browser settings like removing added search engine, toolbar/add-on/plugin, repairing the changed homepage/start page and deleting the browser data including cache and cookies. For more detailed instructions, please visit this post: How to Stop Unwanted Redirections..


Troubleshooting Tips

However, if your infected computer could not connect to Internet or you cannot download Anvi Smart Defender, you should do this:


a) Check your host files by C/WINDOWS/system 32/drivers/etc. Search out hosts file and hosts file backup, open them in form of Notepad and then make sure the hosts file is in accordance with hosts file backup. 


b) Check your DNS settings. Go Start menu->Control-Panel->Internet Connections->Local Area Connection->Properties->On the General tab, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)->Properties->select the "Obtain DNS server address automatically"


c) Check your proxy settings. Open Internet Explore, go Tools->Internet Options, Connections tab. Press LAN settings. And then unselect everything or enter parameters that were given by system administrator. And then press OK.


d) Check your IE add-ons. Open your Internet Explorer, go Tools->Manage Addons, disable all unverified addons.


If still any question, please feel free to contact our Online Technical Help Center for assistance via email to techsupport at We Anvisoft Team have been striving to provide worldwide users with useful thoughful information on virus removal and system optimization. Please help spread the word Anvisoft if you find the information here useful for you. Also you can join us and communicate with us as well as others on any PC issue in our community at Anvisoft forums.





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