How to Remove AFP Australian Federal Police Ukash Scam? (Removal Guide)

AFP has locked down your computer? Can’t get access to the system in normal mode, or in Safe Mode? Is AFP ransoming you for money to unlock your computer with accusations that you have committed cyber criminals like in violation with “Copyright and Related Rights Law”? Are you among those who have unfortunately come across with Australian Federal Police Ukash Scam? To solve your problem, and save you from falling prey to the scamware, Anvisoft team has made a special killer that specializes in killing such scam which they named Anvi Rescue Disk. Download the killer and follow the removal instruction below to rescue your computer from the encryption.



Australian Federal Police Ukash ransom is a computer lock-up virus, which mainly spreads through Trojan, scam email, and hacked websites. It pretends to be from the Australian Federal Police, and accuse victims that their computer has been locked due to the violation of the law.


The bogus alert presenting by the AFP ransom appears as follows:

Your PC is blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified below. You have been violating “Copyright and Related Rights Law” (Video, Music, Software) and illegally using or distributing copyrighted content, thus infringing Article 128 of the Criminal Code of Australia. Article 128 of the Criminal Code provides for a fine of 2 to 5 hundred minimal wages or a deprivation of liberty for 2 to 8 years.
You have been viewing or distributing prohibited Pornographic content (Child Porn/Zoophillia anr etc.) Thus violating article 202 of the Criminal Code of Australia.
Article 202 of the Criminal Code provides for a deprivation of liberty for 4 to 12 years. Illegal access to computer has been initiated from your PC, or you have been… Article 208 of the Criminal Code provides for a fine of up to AUD $100,000 and/or a deprivation of liberty for 4 to 9 years.
Illegal access has been initiated from your PC without your knowledge or consent, your PC may be infected by malware, thus you are violating the law On Neglectful Use of Personal Computer. Article 210 of the Criminal Code provides for a fine of AUD $2,000 to AUD $8,00.


Please bear in mind: You should NEVER ever pay the fine! It’s a scam and a non-existing fine. You are in the pitfall of cyber crooks. If you have already pay the fine, call your bank to minimize your loss.
The Screenshot of AFP Australian Federal Police Ukash Scam:



AFP Australian Federal Police Ukash Scam Quick Removal Guide:


Quick Specs:

Threat Level: Severe

Tool Needed for The Fix:

Anvi Rescue Disk (Freeware) Download — Kill the ransomware (Please note that this is a large download, please be patient during the process)

Anvi Smart Defender (Free/Pro) Download — Clean out all remnants, and repair registry errors.


Equipment Requirements:

1. A disinfected computer.
2. An USB drive. (Or CD/DVD)
3. Make sure the infected computer is well connected to the Internet.

On Clean Computer


step 1

Plug in the USB drive to the disinfected computer, and boot the PC in normal mode.


step 2

Download the Anvi Rescue Disk and Anvi Smart Defender.


Anvi Rescue Disk Download


Anvi Smart Defender Download

Please notice: The download may require a few minutes as the file is large. Please be patient during the process.


step 3

Locate rescuedisk zip file after download completes.


step 4

Unzip it to folder, you will find two files: BootUsb.exe and Rescue.iso.


step 5

Double click on BootUsb.exe.

You will receive a window (as shown in step 6), guiding you to burn the file


step 6

Burn Rescue.iso to your USB drive.

Click on the Button (circled in red) to choose file, select Rescue.iso, and hit Start Burning. (Make sure your USB drive has enough space to record the file.)



step 7

Wait until you receive below message.


On the infected computer


step 8

Transfer the file to the infected computer.

Transfer the USB drive to the infected computer. Restart the PC and configure the computer to boot from USB drive (CD/DVD) that recorded Anvi Rescue Disk.
Normally, by pressing F8 key before Windows start, you can load USB boot menu, if it doesn’t work, then try the following key or key combinations:


F2, F8 , F10, F11, Delete,



For different motherboard, you need to try different ways to load the USB boot menu, yet, usually the information about how to enter boot menu is shown on the screen at the start of the OS boot. See below image for your reference.

step 9

Restart the PC and configure it to boot from USB drive


step 10

After see below screen. Select the language and press Enter to continue.




Only by successfully entering Anvisoft Rescue Disk Menu can you enter this screen.


step 11

After entering the mini operating system> Find the Recue file and double-click to run it.


step 12

Click Scan Computer and wait until the detection completes.


step 13

Click “Fix Now” to remove the detected threat.


step 14

Switch to Repair tab. Scan and fix the registry error.


Important Note: You should repair the registry error and remove corrupt files damaged by killing Australian Federal Police Ukash Scam Virus, or you won’t be able to boot your computer in normal mode.


step 15

Double click on the Anvi Smart Defender setup package to install.

step 16

Update the malware database to the latest version and run a full scan.


step 17

Click the Repair button to remove all threats found.


step 18

Switch to PC Tuneup button> Click Care Now> Clear all remnants found.

step 19

Restart your PC in normal mode to enjoy a clean system!


If you have any question or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

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2 thoughts on “How to Remove AFP Australian Federal Police Ukash Scam? (Removal Guide)

  1. The Australia Federal Police ukash is a kind of malware that requests contaminated customers to coughing up cash because of certain breach of regulations. This happens a lot to customers who are frequently using the internet and it bursts up a message revealing the regulations you have breached. To prevent jail time because of how it looks like, acting to be a part of the Government police agency. Normally the reaction of customers would be terrified out of their senses and are willing to pay the fine developed on the screen to prevent jail time.
    Virus makers are getting impressive and anxious nowadays. Before PC malware were only fighting computers to turn off certain programs from running or removing certain system files of your PC. These times the technique of malware makers has went up a level by making its affected customers pay up a certain amount and the malware will be launched from the pc.

    • Should any one infected with the virus, please never pay the money. That will not help unlock the computer. 

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