How to Remove Adware.TMAgentBar virus

Adware.TMAgentBar is a trojan virus that wears a mask of advertisement program. It displays advertisements, though a little annoying, but seems to be harmless to your computer. Nevertheless, this virus can be far more destructive than that.


Adware TMAgentBar has malicious intents inside. It poses a threat to your system and data security as well. This trojan virus can track your browsing habits to display advertisements to your liking. That means the virus is capable of connecting to the internet without your permission and sending & receiving data between you and a remote server. What’s more, this trojan has backdoor properties. That is to say, if this virus exists in your system, the system will be vulnerable to many other malware then. If not cured, you might end up letting out your personal information,which brings about more damages and losses.


Now that this trojan can be so dangerous, no sooner had the virus been found than we remove it. First you can try removing it manually: locate and terminate all the files and processes listed below. If you find that exhausting, you can do that with a reliable anti-malware product. Scan your computer thoroughly and delete the threats detected.



Files associated with Adware.TMAgentBar→

  • bardiscover.dll
  • questscan183.exe
  • mdhcp32.dll
  • alarmclock4free_installer_bs.exe
  • tmagent.dll


Adware.TMAgentBar DLL's to be removed→


  • bardiscover.dll
  • mdhcp32.dll
  • tmagent.dll


Adware.TMAgentBar processes to be eliminated→


  • questscan183.exe
  • alarmclock4free_installer_bs.exe

Adware Prevention Tips

Use AD Blocker to prevent any possible malware code that injected on hacked website.

When you visit a website, you you click on the pop up message by accident, the malicious adware code may execute and run in background to distribute advertisement on your computer. Make sure that you have installed an AD Blocker program on your computer to prevent any potential threats.

Software recommended: Anvi AD Blocker


Anvi AD Blocker is designed to offer you real-time protection against pop-up ads, flash ads, advertising banners, malicious ads, phishing ads and some other unwanted ads. It’s powerful and innovative, which implemented a number of filters that protect users from malicious and fishing sites.

It monitors processes which are trying to connect network in real time, which also provides users a proactive security service. You can use Anvi AD blocker for 15 days to protect your PC from Pop up virus. To continue use Anvi AD Blocker, please purchase a license code to upgrade to Pro version.

Anvi AD Blocker direct download link:

Purchase Anvi AD Blocker:

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2 thoughts on “How to Remove Adware.TMAgentBar virus

  1. win32 patched trjoan virus, help please?I keep getting the following message that i have a trjoan virus, win32: patched [TRJ]Anyone know how to remove this, ive run scans with my anti virus but it wont delete them and i get this message when i try to( btw im using avast anti virus and fully updated)error 0xc0000121 { An attempt has been made to remove file or directory that cannot be deleted.}I try going into safe mode and erase the file manually but the computer wont allow to delete because of some copyright material or something.The trjoan is located under file C: windows system32 powrprof.dllI read somewhere before by downloading microsoft updates could solve the problem but last time i downloaded an update from microsoft or for windows it fucked the system all up so i dint trust that anymore and have since disabled automatic updating about 2 months ago.I have avast not norton, and i try to do scans but the scans stop responding after a certain amount ot time so that dosent help me at all, and it fully updated.

    • Hello,
      You may download and install the fake update that issued by cyber criminal thus your computer is compromised by the Trojan virus. Could you please try Anvi Smart Defender to kill the virus? If any problem, please let us know.

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