How to Recover Deleted Registry Files for Windows Vista?

Registry error and unexpectedly deletion of registry files might result in severe system error such as limitation of system performance for the Windows registry is a critical data storage center where system function commands are stored. If you delete some registry files by mistake, follow the below instructions to restore them to earlier time status.


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How to Recover Deleted Registry Files for Windows Vista?

1. Windows Start menu>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore




2. Choose whether to use the recommended restore, or pick a different restore point, and click Next to continue.



Note: The recommended time is the time point of the most recent update, driver, or software installation you made.


3. Choose the Date and Time to which time point you want to restore. What's more, you can check what update had been made through the Description column. After you decide, click Next to continue.



4. Click Finish to confirm your restore point. 



You will receive a notification as below before the restoration.



5. Click Yes to continue and wait for the process to complete. It may take a little while for your Windows files and settings to be restored so you have to be patient. You will receive a confirmation message telling you the System Restore is successfully completed later.



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