How to Protect Computer Against Attacks

It is important to secure computer in case your privacy is exposed. There are 5 tasks you can perform to make sure your computer is secured against attacks from the internet.

Step 1

Don’t install bloatware. Sometimes, Vendors often install software that you never need. Uninstall seemingly useless software to free up disk space, and also make your PC secure by having lesser open ports for hackers to exploit. Also, make sure to uninstall vendor-provided remote help software.

Step 2

Install additional web browser. It is no secret that Internet Explorer has more danger than almost any other web browser against hackers. Mozilla Firefox is greater security against spyware.

Step 3

Install windows security updates and patches. The more patches can protect your computer. Run automatic update to make sure there are no patches left to be installed.

Step 4

Install antivirus software. The antivirus software (Here we highly recommend you Anvi Smart Defender) can help you easily check whether your computer is infected.

Anvi Smart Defender Download:



Step 5

Install no script add-on. Install no script add-on for Firefox, which can allow only your trusted websites to run scripts, while automatically disabling execution of script on others.

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