How to Password Protect Microsoft Word 2007?

If you do not want any other person to view or edit your document content, you can adopt the Microsoft Word 2007 feature which allows users to set up a password. It’s quite simple to set up a password for Microsoft Word 2007. If you do not clear about the ways, please refer to following steps.


Step1, Open the document you want to set a password;


Step2, Click on the File Button at the top of the page;


Step3, Click Save as, a new window will pop up, click on Tools option at the bottom of the window.


Password Protect Microsoft Word 2007



Step4, Select General options to set up a password; you can choose one of two options for the password: whether it’s required to open or modify the document. The choice is depend on you.


 Password Protect Microsoft Word 2007




Step5, Click OK to confirm your operation; Save the document and it will be password protected from now on.


 Password Protect Microsoft Word 2007


Important note: You must remember your password for future view of editing of the document, if you lost your password; you will be unable to view of edit the document again.


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