How to Optimize Windows Vista for better performance?

Do you feel that you computer become more and more slow? Or are you really bothered by the slow window Vista performance? No matter how many memory space you have for your computer, if do not do something to protect your PC, you will get slow PC performance one day. Here in this article, I will share my way on how to optimize memory management to improve the efficiency of memory usage, as well as possible to improve computer performance. Here I would like to take Windows Vista as example.



Change the location of the paging file
The main purpose is to maintain the continuity of virtual memory. Because the hard disk to read data is relying on the head in the magnetic material. While the file is distributed in different section, the magnetic head will jump around; this is not conducive to efficiency. And the system disk file is very large; the virtual memory is certainly not continuous. So it’s necessary to put the page file in other drive. Way to change the page file location: Right-click My Computer, select Properties → Advanced → Performance Settings → Advanced → Change the virtual memory "in the drive bar to select the location that you want to change to. It is worth mentioning that it needs to delete the original file after the operation.



Change the size of the page file
After changing the location of the page file, we can also to adjust the size of the page file. When we adjust the page file, we need to pay attention that does not set the maximum and minimum page file not to be equivalent. Memory will usually not really "stuffed". When memory reserves reached a certain level, it will automatically allot some unused data to other hard disk. The greater the minimum page file, the proportion is low, the slower the speed is. The limit is the maximum page file, sometimes open a lot of program memory and minimum page file have been "stuffed", and it will automatically overflow to the maximum page file. Make the two equivalents is unreasonable. Under normal circumstances, the minimum page file set low, so that can store more data in memory as possible, the higher the efficiency. The maximum page file set big in order to avoid the "full".



Disable the page file
When the computer have more than 512MB of memory, page file will no longer obvious, so we can disable it. The method is: enter the Registry Editor "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlSession Ma-nagerMemoryManagement" in the "DisablePa-ging the Executive" (to disable the page file) option will set the value "1".



Monitor memory
System memory, regardless of how big it is, will always run out. Although computer possess virtual memory, but the hard disk read and write speeds can not be compared with the speed of memory, so we must always monitor memory usage. Windows operating systems provide a System Monitor which can monitor memory usage. General, if only 60% of the memory resources are available, then you should pay attention to adjust the memory, otherwise it will seriously affect your computer's operating speed and system performance.



Release memory space timely
If you find that the system memory is not enough, it is necessary to pay attention to release the memory. The so-called release memory is to free data from memory. The most effective and simple way is to restart the computer, but of course, some anti-virus program such as Anvi Smart Defender can help to release the memory.


Anvi Smart Defender Download:




Optimize the data in memory
In windows operation system, the more data resident in memory, the more memory resources it takes. So, don’t set too many shortcut icons on the desktop as well as don’t set too many taskbar. If memory resources are tight, the program can be considered to minimize the use of a variety of background resides. Usually to operate a computer, do not open too many files or window. Using the computer for a long time, if not restart the computer, data is arranged in the memory, there may be a bit confusing, leading to a decline in system performance. Then you should consider restarting the computer or taking optimization tool to optimize your computer to keep better performance.
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