How to Optimize Windows 7 for Better Performance?

No matter how fast or how highly-configured computer you possess, with time go on, it will become slow unavoidable. To keep your computer at better performance, you need to optimize your computer regularly. There’s a lot ways to maintain your computer at good performance even without upgrading your computer hardware. Here in this article, some tips will be listed to help you optimize your windows 7 system.


step 1

Uninstall programs that you never use.


New computer system is always packed with programs by PC manufactures that you do not want and need. A comprehensive check is highly recommended for you to check out the programs that you do not need, and then don’t hesitate to uninstall those programs. Besides that, when you download new program which you need and use most, be careful during the installation, some extra programs will be also installed on your computer if you choose default installation.


step 2

Limit programs run at startup.


Many programs are designed to startup automatically when you boot into system, and many programs are designed to run at background where you can’t detect they are running. You can set the startup menu by yourself. Some windows service is necessary to run. Besides that, suggest you turn the anti-virus program run at startup.


step 3

Don’t run too much programs at same time.


You will have an obvious feeling that you computer’s speed slow down when you open too much programs especially when you play a game. Turn off some program that you do not need temporarily; it will help you to speed up your computer.


step 4

Add more memory.


Computer will also be slowed down if the system does not have enough RAM. Such as 2 GB is absolutely enough for windows 7, but you will feel it slugged when you open a document or visit website. You can speed up your windows 7 just by adding RAM.


step 5

Install anti-virus and anti-malware program.


If your computer running slow, it is possible caused by virus or malware. Anti-virus and anti-malware programs are essential to protect computer to ensure the better performance of windows 7. If you haven’t installed one on PC, click here to download a powerful and solid anti-malware program- Anvi Smart Defender to protect your PC.


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Refer to above listed tips; you can keep your computer running rapidly and keeps your computer at better performance.

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