How to Make a Computer Faster for Free–Easy Steps to Go

It is commonly known that computer may run slower and slower after a long period of use unless it is cleaned on a regular basis. While troubleshooting a slow PC, many aspects can be involved so that it seems a little bit complicated to speed up a slow PC to max extent. However, a package of all cleaning tools to comprehensively accelerate the PC may be the way out. Here look for more on easy steps to make computer faster for free.


Usually main factors to slow PC can be listed as malware infection, block of junk files, unnecessary programs, disk space waste, etc. To handle these one by one to faster PC free, here comes a package of solutions for your top choice for maximum convenience yet efficiency. Check it out!


step 1
Uninstall the no longer used programs to slim your system. To do this, you can follow Start–>Control panel–>Add or Remove programs, then select the no longer used items to remove.


step 2
Try Anvi Smart Defender to full scan your computer in case that any malicious infection there slow down your pc or even far worse to cause malfunction of your PC. Free download it at: You are also recommended to use its cloud scan function to see if all your installed programs are benign.


step 3
Clean up your system by using professional system optimizer like Cloud System Booster to disk defrag and delete unuseful cookies, registry entries, junk files, temp files, etc. Perhaps you have tried a variety of PC cleaning tools or just get used to one, whatever, Cloud System Booster is highly recommended here to remarkably do the downright cleaning job with speed, efficiency yet a pleasing appearance. This newly released by Anvisoft company aims to win heart of either IT experts or common people. Its working speed is almost favorably shocking and its personalized skin function is yet another surprise added. Here comes a screen shot of its interface for preview. Check it out! And take a try immediately.


cloud system booster


Download Cloud System Booster to unclutter your system here:


the image of Cloud System Booster download


If any question, feel free to contact  us. Or you can join in us to explore more detais at Anvisoft forums.


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