How to Keep Your Computer Clean?

Computers are provided to be one of the most important aspects in life today. People all over the world use computers for everything like sending emails and contacting friends. As time goes on, they found their computer become slow but have no idea on how to make it fast. This post will show some useful tips to keep computers clean and running faster.


step 1

Clean the desktop.


Remove shortcuts and icons that are no longer use from the desktop.


step 2

Uninstall unused programs.


Removing or uninstalling some unused programs can free up much spaces in hard disk drive. In Control Panel, use Add or Remove function to uninstall the unuserd applications completely.

step 3

Install an efficient antivirus program.


Virus can harm the computer and make computer in poor performance. These virus may copy and download many malicious files on your disk. The efficient anti-virus program can help block and remove virus on the computer. Haven’t got one? Try Anvi Smart Defender- the award winning anti-malware program.

step 4

Clean up corrupt registry entries.


When you install or uninstall programs, the registry files are created or modified. The registry file should be removed automatically but some software developer won’t add necessary code to delete the registry files. The registry entris will be more and more if you don’t clean them. If you are not an expert on computer, you are recommended to install software to clean up registry entries.


For registry cleaning, we do not recommend a manual removal, since any improper deletion of registry entries may result in severe computer problems. we strongly advise you to use some cleaner tool, such as Could System Booster to help you clean them. Learn more here. Or you can click the Download button below to get one for free.


Keep Your Computer Clean



Make You A Faster PC!

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