How to Improve Your Computer Performance by Defragmenting Your Hard Disk?

Computer performs slower and slower day by day? Want to improve your computer performance and make it acts as a charm? In this article, we will introduce you tip on defragmenting your hard disk to improve your computer performance. Please read more.


Disk fragmentation is a kind of fragmented file that are stored, saved or allocated on different parts of space instead of contiguous space. Fragmentation happens to a disk when the file system cannot or will not allocate enough contiguous space to store a complete file as a unit, but instead puts parts of it in gaps between other files. A hard drive tends to get fragmented files over times as you save, change, or delete files.


When a hard drive gets fragmented file, your computer performance has been slowed down as it has to look in many different places when you try to search and find a file. That can be a very awful experience. Disk defragment is necessary to execute periodically to maintain good computer performance by rearranging the scattered data on your hard disk and reuniting fragmented files so that your computer can run more efficiently.


Disk defragmentation is a process to reduce the amount of fragmentation by organizing the contents of the mass storage device used to store files into the smallest number of contiguous regions (fragments). Thus it would be easy for you to copy, past, save, and search file.


How to perform disk defragmenting?


Windows offer a free utility to help Microsoft users to defrag hard disks for better performance. However, it is a complicate and time-consuming process. We Anvisoft developed a disk defragmentation tool-Anvi Ultimate Defrag to help Microsoft users to defrag hard disk in a quick and easy way.


Anvi Ultimate Defrag is compact, quick and safe to speed up your computer performance by analyzing fragmented file, cleaning system junks, repairing disk bad area and defragging hard drives. It is a brand-new utility that allows you to defrag multiple drives at one time as well as defrag removable drives such as mobile disk and USB removable drive.


Anvi Ultimate Defrag Quick Start Guide:


1. Download Anvi Ultimate Defrag by clicking on button below:

After the download complete, please double click on the audsetup.exe to install it.


2. In the homepage of the program, please select Disk drives that you need to defrag, and select options to start operation.


Options explain:


Repair: It will repair the disk bad area of selected drives and correct system errors found on disks.


Clean: This option will remove junk files and unnecessary files in your disk.


Defrag: This option will defrag the selected drives.


Optimize: This option will optimize your hard disk for better performance.

3. After you click on the Start button, Anv Ultimate Defrag will go to repair, clean, defrag and optimize the selected disks. After the operation complete, it will show you the detail information and you can learn what files have been cleaned, defragged, and optimized.

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