How to Improve Speed of Computer

Do you remember how fast your computer ran when you first got it. If you are reading this post now your computer has become slow. It is no doubt that the computer will become slow after being installed softwares or stored many files. Real ahead to find how to speed up computer.


Free up disk space


The Disk Cleanup tool built in Windows help you free up space on your hard disk to improve the performance of your computer. This tool can analytic the useless files you can delete. Disk Cleanup can remove temporary internet files, delete downloaded program files, remove windows temporary files and other useless files.


Open My Computer and right click Disk C or other drive you want to clean. Select Properties and click Disk Cleanup and follow the instructions to complete the cleanup.


Improve Speed of Computer




When you create a file on disk the windows will store them wherever there is space, which makes this file saved in many fragments in different places. It will take longer time to read all these fragments from different places when you access this file. Defrag can save much time to open these files.


Open My Computer and right click the drive you want to defrag and select Progerties. Click Tools tag and select Defragment Now. Follow the instructions to complete the defrag.


Improve Speed of Computer


Disable unused services


Some service running in background can be irrelevent such as Print Spooler if you don’t have a printer. These unused services will take some CPU in background. To disable these unused services can surely improve the computer speed.


Open the start menu and type services.msc in search bar. Click the services to check all services running on your computer. Disable the services you have never used.

Improve Speed of Computer


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