How to Get Rid of Tracking Cookies

Tracking cookies, also called "3rd party" cookies, are snoopware that watches you as you move across the net, and builds profiles of your behavior and sends it back to a ad agency, which is then sold by these advertising ghouls to anyone who wants direct ads at you.

The Tracking cookie doesn't steal your passwords, it gives you access to the session. After accessing to the session, you will be logged into the account and can change the password, but it doesn't capture passwords or steal them.

Remove Tracking Cookies.

step 1
The browsers can delete the cookies with tools they provide:

IE – Internet Options > General > Browsing History

Firefox – Options > History >

Chrome – Tools > Privacy > Cookies

Opera – Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies

step 2
Download System Optimization Software

A best system optimization software not only can easily clean the tracking cookies, but also help scan and protect computer from malware and guard your privacy and speed up computer.

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