How to get rid of Search from My Web Browser?

Have on your computer and web browser comes up as the default search engine and startup page? Need help to repair search? This article will introduce how to remove the redirect from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Please read more.

About is a free browser search engine which offer shopping, Web, Image, Video and News search. The purpose of this kind of search engine is to make money, generate web traffic and increase sale by tracking you across various website and promote you ad-supported items. is mainly distributed via software downloaded from websites and freeware, that’s probably why people are usually unaware of how and when this gate-crasher comes to install on their browsers. When you install a free program, may install itself automatically on your computer if you are too careless to take the default or recommended installation.

How to Get Rid of Search from My Web Browser? (Uninstall Guide)

To get rid of default search from your web browser completely, please follow tips below. Should you have any problem, please leave a reply below, we will try our best to help you.
Step 1 > Uninstall unwanted or malicious program from your Windows Control Panel.
Step 2 > Repair your browser settings in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Step 3 > Block with Anvi AD Blocker.

Step 1 > Uninstall unwanted or malicious program from your Windows Control Panel.
To uninstall any unwanted program, please click Start, and navigate to: Control Panel.
Select Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel. If you are Windows Vista/7 users, please select Programs/Features.
Then Select malicious program related to form the listed program and click Uninstall/Remove.

Alternatively, uninstall unwanted program by using Anvi Uninstaller.

1. Download and install Cloud System Booster which provides you fee tool Anvi Uninstaller.
2. Open the program and click Expert > Toolbox tab. Run Anvi Uninstaller.

3. Search for items that related to select click Uninstall. You are highly encouraged to check program in “Recently Installed” list and remove any suspicious programs.

Step 2 > Repair your browser settings in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.
Tips for repairing your browser settings manuall

Restore Internet Explorer browser settings:
1. Please open your Internet Explorer, go to Tools then select Internet Options. Switch to Advanced tab, then under Reset Internet Explorer settings click on the Reset button.


2. You’ll need to confirm that you want to reset all Internet Explorer Settings. Please click on “Reset” button once again to confirm your operation.


Restore Firefox browser settings:

1. Please open your Firefox, at the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox button, and go over to the Help sub-menu and select Troubleshooting Information.


2. Click the Reset Firefox button in the upper-right corner of the Troubleshooting Information page.

3. To continue, click Reset Firefox in the confirmation window that opens.

4. Firefox will close and be reset. When it’s done, a window will list the information that was imported. Click Finish and Firefox will restart.


Repair Google Chrome Settings:
1. Check and remove malicious or unwanted extension from Chrome. To do that, please go to ToolsExtensions. Click on the trashcan icon to remove unwanted extension that is related to


2. Repair startup page by going to Chrome Settings, in the “On Startup” area, click on Set pages, and then remove default page.

3. Change the homepage back by going to Appearance area, select “Show Home button” and then click Change. Remove from the Open this page tab and then Select Use the New Tab page and click OK to save changes.


4. Repair the search engine by going to Search area, and then click on Manage Search Engines…Select Google or any other search engine you like from the list and make it your default search engine provider, and then select Onmylike from the list and remove it by clicking the “X” mark.



Step 3 > Block with Anvi AD Blocker

Anvi AD Blocker is designed to block and filter pop-up ads, flash ads, advertising banners, phishing, malicious ads and malicious URLs. It is a nimble security supplement to antivirus/antimalware programs as an added layer of computer protection. You are highly encouraged to use this ad blocker program to block and prevent any tracking cookies loading on your web browser.

Download Anvi AD Blocker to filter and block potential malicious websites you intend to visit to give you proactive and maximum PC protection.



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