How to Get Rid of turns up and is set as your default homepage? Have you ever suspected this Google suite search engine? If the answer is never, you might be in trouble. In fact, is classified as a malicious fake search engine which provides unrelated commercial advertisements to mix up with organic search results and redirect victims to click on them. Cybercriminals who have made and spread win illegal benefits by a rule of PPC (pay per click).


Most commonly is installed by accident while user downloading and installing some free software from Internet. After the hijacker infects your system, it will execute a series of malicious behavior such as change your Hosts files, Internet settings etc. to capture your system. What’s worse, the hijacker may collect your search habits, transfer your confidential data, including your credit card details to remote hackers. So we recommend you remove immediately once you find it penetrate into your system. Below is a screeshot of



A step-by-step Removal Guide:


Step 1. Boot the infected computer into Safe Mode with Networking.


Click here to learn in details.


Step 2. Check the LAN settings of your browser to make sure no malicious proxy server is added.


Reason: may add a malicious proxy server to block you from downloading files online so you need to change the settings back first or you will be hinder from getting access to certain webpages.


Click here to learn in details about how to remove malicious proxy server.



Step 3. Check Windows HOSTS file.


Go to: C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc, locate hosts file, double click to open it with Notepad.


Step 4. Check the DNS settings.


Click on Windows Start icon> select Control Panel> double-click on Network Connections> right click on Local Area Connection> select Properties> click on TCP/IP> Properties> choose Obtain DNS server address automatically> click OK to complete.


Step 5. Scan the infected computer with Anvi Smart Defender to seek for malicious files associated with Removal Tool Free Download.

After the download, double click on the file to install it on the infected computer. Later, perform a full scan and follow the instructions to remove all related malicious files, including hides ones.

Step 6> Reset your Router back to the factory default settings, and reboot your computer to complete the removal.


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