How to Get Rid of Pop-up

Have you encountered this PC problems? When you open your Internet Explorer, you got a pop-up to ask you to download a file from If your answer is YES, we sure that your Internet Explorer is hijacked by this redirect virus. This silly virus is developed to earn money through click visits. What you may find it that when you click on it, it will not direct you to their official site, it will redirect you to some unwanted sites. Showing you advertisements and displaying unwanted pages and pop-ups.


Download free scanner to scan and remove now.


In order to prevent it create a backdoor hole on your system, you must remove it with a hijacker scanner. Because those backdoors disable your firewall, exceptions added to your firewall or network ports being opened to allow traffic to pass through them uncontested.


If you want to keep your PC safe and be away from this pop-up, you should scan your PC completely with an anti-malware program. Check your Add/Remove Programs list to see whether there is unwanted toolbar installed or not. For safe surfing, we suggest you download and install a safe web browser Firefox or update the version of Internet Explorer on your computer.


Prevention Tips

Although you have installed antivirus or antimalware program, you are still highly recommended to use AD Blocker to prevent any possible malware code that injected on hacked website.
When you visit a website, you you click on the pop up message by accident, the malicious adware code may execute and run in background to distribute advertisement on your computer. Make sure that you have installed an AD Blocker program on your computer to prevent any potential threats.

Software recommended: Anvi AD Blocker


Anvi AD Blocker is designed to offer you real-time protection against pop-up ads, flash ads, advertising banners, malicious ads, phishing ads and some other unwanted ads. It’s powerful and innovative, which implemented a number of filters that protect users from malicious and fishing sites.

It monitors processes which are trying to connect network in real time, which also provides users a proactive security service. You can use Anvi AD blocker for 15 days to protect your PC from Pop up virus. To continue use Anvi AD Blocker, please purchase a license code to upgrade to Pro version.

Anvi AD Blocker direct download link:

Purchase Anvi AD Blocker:


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