How to Free Up Virtual Memory in Windows XP?

If you keep getting an error message saying “Your system is running low on virtual memory” when you try to start a program, it means you need to free virtual memory to fix the problem. Below are simple instructions on how to free virtual memory in Windows XP.


step 1

Click Windows Start button>Control Panel>Performance and Maintenance>System

> > >


step 2

Reveal System Properties>Advanced>Performance Settings



step 3

Performance Options>Advanced>Change



step 4

Set the amount of memory you want to reserve.



Click “C:”– the primary hard drive that often contains the paging file on most computers (if not “C:”, then click on whatever drive that contains the paging file)>Click the Custom Size and enter the amount of memory you want to reserve (the maximum size is marked in Space available> click Set after all are settled down



Note: You will receive a warning as below if you enter a larger amount of memory than the available free space.



step 5

Click “Yes” and follow the instructions to restart your computer to apply all settings.





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