How to Free Up RAM in Windows XP?

Below are some simple instructions on how to free up RAM (Random Access Memory) to improve your computer efficiency and shorten the launching time of programs.


Simple instructions to free up RAM


step 1

Uninstall the programs that you never use to free up RAM.>


The RAM decreases as you install new programs on your computer, the more you install the slower it will become, for everything appears on your computer takes up a certain amount of system resources. Over time, your computer gets more and more slow, the boot time extends, and all programs take longer to launch.


Solutions: Click Windows Start button> Control Panel>Locate the programs you are no longer use> Double-click Add or Remove Programs>Follow the instructions to uninstall.


step 2

Uninstall invalid and corrupt registry entries.


Install new applications will create new registry entries, however sometimes uninstall programs will not remove its registries; they might remain where they’ve been stored. Over time, your computer will turn into mess. So remember to cleanup registry entries when you uninstall a program.


Slutions: Click Windows Start button>Click Run>Type in regedit>press enter to launch the Registry Editor>Locate the application you have uninstalled>Right-click on it and select Delete


step 3

Delete the setup folder of the programs you’ve uninstalled.


Except registry entries, you also need to delete setup folder of the programs you’ve installed, for uninstall the program won’t execute the deletion of setup folder.


Solutions: Double-click My computer>Double-click the Local Disk (C:)>Double-click the Program Files>Locate and delete the setup folder that belongs to the programs you uninstalled.


You Can Free Up Windows XP RAM in An Easy Way


Recommended: You can use a Disk cleanup tool to identify and remove unnecessary files that consume RAM and hard disk space. It will save you a lot of trouble cleaning them yourselves. Run the tool at certain time to cleanup them all instead of cleaning them manually every time when uninstall some programs. Save your time for more fun in life.


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