How to Free Up PC resources?

Your computer will become a headache when it turns really slow. Fix it or buy a new one? For computer novices, it’s a frustrating question. I want to fix it but how to? Luckily, the powerful Internet allows us to share knowledge, sometimes you can’t solve the problem, but others will teach you how to solve it, you only need to search for solutions and follow the instructions.


Below are some suggestions you can take to free up PC resources.


step 1

Remove unneeded and useless programs.


If you have too many programs running at background, your computer will take longer time to respond to orders. So go to control panel, check one by one, and select out old useless programs, click remove programs to delete them permanently to free up PC resources.


step 2

Check your computer for spyware, malware, and other virus infection.


You can’t underestimate the destruction of a computer virus. Some virus can delete your system files which will result in system errors. Some take up a large amount of your system resource, and left limited for your programs to run. So guard your PC for virus infection is an important task you can’t overlook.


Click here to download free antivirus software to guard your PC now!


step 3

 Clean up registry entries.


After the uninstallation of a program, remember to clear the related registry entries. It’s a little complicated, and not recommended for PC novice. If you don’t know about the process, click here to download Cloud System Booster to help you scan for and erase invalid and corrupt registry entries.


step 4

Defrag your hard drive.


As the more programs you installed on your computer, the more misplaced your hard drive will become. Over time, your will suffer from an absolute slow of computer. If you feel frustrated about how to defrag hard drive, click here to learn How to Defragment Windows XP.

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