How to Free Up CPU Usage in Windows ?

Many reasons may lead to a slow of PC. One main cause of sluggish computer is some program that uses a large amount of resources is running at the background. For example, when you play an online game, your computer might take a little while to respond if you try to switch to another program. What’s more, the program you try to use might freeze, and can’t be used. In that case, you’d better end the online game to make your computer run faster. So when you computer runs slow, try to check whether some program is using a large amount of resources, if yes, by ending it, your computer will back into normal.


To free up Windows Vista CPU Usage in 3 ways:


step 1

Launch the Windows Task Manager

Press Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc to open the Task Manager>Click Performance>Watch the CPU Usage History chart till it establishes a baseline> If the idle CPU Usage is higher than 2 percent, it means a program is utilizing too much CPU power. Then, go on with step 2.



step 2

Check out to see whether some program is using CPU power.

Click Processes> Check through to CPU column to see whether some program is using CPU power (Normally, your programs will read 0 percent except “System Idle Process” which might show as much as 99 percent CPU usage.)



step 3

End the process and remove it from the Windows Task Manager.

Find the process that is using CPU power, Click End Process and press Yes to remove it from the Task Manager. After the process being terminated, the CPU utilization will back into the normal range.



Things Can Work Out Easier


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