How to Fix Windows XP Read And Write Error to Improve PC Performance?

When we run some of the larger program or game in our computer, the system often automatically pop-up “xx memory could not be read or written error” message, how can we solve the problem effectively to avoid the situation that the same problem appears again next time we run a larger program or games? In fact, when the mentioned message pops out to us, we can try following steps to check out the problem:

Release system memory timely

As all we know that, when we run a larger program or game, the computer need to consume a considerable amount of system memory resources, if there’s not enough memory space, the error message of “system memory read and write errors” prompts. In order to effectively avoid this error, we’d better restart our computer to release the system memory space before we run a large amount of program or game. If the computer itself has relatively small memory space, we should upgrade the memory in order to expand the effective use of memory space to prevent the system error.
Of course, it you think it is rather a trouble to restart your computer for the memory to release; you can also take some assistance tool to help you to sweep memory. Anvi Smart Defender can do this job for you. It will improve the performance of your computer by cleaning up ram and release physical memory.

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Manually repair system services

“System memory read and write error” message will also pop up if there’s something wrong with the Windows Management Instrumentation service which is related to system memory read and write. So, when we encounter with this problem, we can also try to repair Windows Management Instrumentation service by manual. Following steps can help you to fix the problem:


1)  Right-click the desktop “My Computer” icon, carry out the command of “management” from the shortcut menu, open the Computer Management window of the local system, on the left side of the window display area, expand services and application “/” service “option. On the right side of the related “service” option display section, locate the Windows Management Instrumentation service, right click the service option, and run the “property” command from the pop-up shortcut to open the service attribute settings interface.
2) On the set interface “General” tab page, click “Stop” button to temporarily stop running the Windows Management Instrumentation service. Then, open the window of resource manager, expand successively “Windows” “ssystem32”, “wbem,” “repository” folder, and then backup all files in the “repository” folder window, at last remove all contents in the folder.
3) Restart the computer system. After the computer boot in system, open Windows Management Instrumentation service attribute settings interface, click the “Start” button in the interface. I believe Windows Management Instrumentation can work properly now.

Repair System Damaged files

If the computer system was infected with virus or some of the system file was deleted by mistake,
Then the system file which is related to system memory read and write may be damaged. However once those system file get damaged, we are easily exposed to the problem of system memory read and write error. When we encounter this problem, we can try to fix the system damaged files by following steps:
1) Take the latest version of anti-virus software to have a full scan for computer and completely remove virus. Once the computer system is infected with a virus and not be cleared, even if we fix the system files, the virus is still likely to continue to undermine the system files to do some damage. Keeping the anti-virus program updated in some degree can protect our system file away from the damage of virus.


2) We can use the system’s own command “sfc” to try to restore the damaged file to normal status. Just click “Start” / “Run” command in the Run dialog box, in the pops up system run dialog box, put the string command “sfc / scannow”, and click enter key. This command procedure will conduct a search scanning system files on each corner of the system, it will automatically pop-ups prompt interface and require us insert the windows installation CD in order to extract normal system file to cover the damaged system file if it find anything wrong about the system file. If the repair operation is successful, just restart the computer to active the operation.

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