How to Fix Program not Responding Error?

Most computer users may suffer this error message Program Not responding in the title bar of currently running program window when you are running a program or you try to close a program. Before troubleshooting this error, let’s check out what may cause the error:


  • You tried to run too many programs at the same time so that there is no enough memory to support this program.
  • This program is waiting for CPU to free up for it.
  • Drive errors.
  • Some registry files of this program are missing or broken.
  • Virus or malware infection. Check for virus infection by Anvi Smart Defender right now!


How to troubleshoot program not responding

step 1

End this program by task manager.


You can press CTRL+AL+DEL to open task manager then you can see how many programs you are running. Sometime the program is downloading while you browsing webpages online on your computer without your knowing at background. Click the unused application and end this task.


step 2

Free up disk space and memory.


Delete unnecessary files such as TEMP files and useless registry entries. Don’t make your CPU usage more than 80% at any time.


step 3

Fix registry entries.


If the registry files of this program are missing, you can not run this program properly. But manually fix registry entries may cause damage on your PC. Therefore, the registry cleaner tool is recommended.


Don’t want to bother a manual fix? Try Cloud System Booster– a powerful cleaner tool which is designed to clean out junk files, caches, invalid and used registry entries, etc.


step 4

Deal with virus on your computer.


If your computer is infected by virus, some program will be prevented to running, so you’d better build your PC with a solid virus defense to ensure a disinfected system.


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