How to Fix Iexplore.exe Error?-A Quick Fix Guide

What is Iecplore.exe error?

No one would deny that Internet plays such an important role in our life today. However there are situations when one encounters an error like iexplore.exe error, which frequently happens when one is surfing online. In such an case, the Internet Explorer runs very slow or when you try to start Internet Explorer, it shuts down abruptly meanwhile displaying an error message like “Iexplore.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”/ ““AutoComplete: Iexplore.exe-Application error”/“SysFader:Iexplore.exe error”/"iexplorer.exe application error".


To fix such error, there provides you guys with a quick fix that may be helpful depending on your particular problem.


Quick Fix Tips:

In your internet explorer: Click on Tools 

Click on: Internet Options 

Go to the Advance Tab 

Search for: Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks 
Uncheck this box, click Apply, Then click OK 

Close Internet Explorer, Open Internet Explorer Again. Go to the website that was giving you trouble just to  see if this works.


However, chances are such a quick fix may fail due to virus infection or driver issues alike. To handle this, you may try below steps to fix the problem.


First of all, let’s see why iexplore.exe occurs in order to make it more clear about the fix. When a user types a URL in the address bar, the iexplorer.exe makes a connection to the Internet. But when there are problems with iexplorer.exe, errors happen. The causes of these errors may be logging on the system with a restrained user account. At this point of time, the BHO or the browser help objects try to reach the files stored in the system and change them. When it is unable to change them , the Internet Explorer crashes and one receives the error messages.


To fix iexplore.exe error, try download drivers of the latest version. If the driver of any device is outdated, then you can encounter such an error. Chances are the one installed on your system is corrupted, outdated or incompatible with that particular device and if such is the case, iexplore.exe error may happen.


Download registry repair software. If the step 1 fails, then you need to repair the registry of your PC. Registry files are considerably significant for the proper functioning of the system and any problem in its entries could do harm to the system. To repair the registry, try Cloud System Booster.


Download Cloud System Booster to help you repair the registry here:



Download anti-spyware. If you find the iexplore.exe error relies on none of the drivers and yet the registry of the system does not show any invalid entries, then the culprit of the issue may come to iexplore.exe virus or spyware since a multitude of threats online flood out there. To remove iexplore.exe virus or malware, try Anvi Smart Defender to full scan your computer and help detect those malicious ones and get safe yet smooth use back to you.

Antimalware program Anvi Smart Defender is highly recommended, you can download via following button.


If any question, feel free to contact our technical support for assistance!

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