How to Fix Computer Screen Frozen?

Everyone of you who have ever used Windows driven computer must remember that moment when the screen and seemingly everything frozen.


In a sudden, you are unable to move mouse cursor, close programs or Windows, or do anything basically at all and you have to sit, wait and glaze at the totally immobile display panel.


Then, what we can do to handle this? You need some patience and wait some seconds in which everything will back to normal in most cases. Often, computer screen frozen is a temporary thing and everything will start functioning after a short while.


However, if this does not work, you may have to turn to Plan B. But let’s first see what causes computer screen freezing.


What causes Computer Screen Frozen?

The commonest yet the least reason for computer screen frozen is that your computer runs out of its RAM capacity at that particular moment. There is simply no memory free to run anything so that your system is unable to do anything until the program that is "RAM hogging’ stops doing whatever it is doing and frees up some RAM to get things moving again.


Bear in mind that for every program that you have running in the foreground, there are sill many other programs running deep inside your PC as well. And thus it is actually very easy for your computer to have the RAM memory running at 100% capacity without too much effort on your part.


Nevertheless, if the freeze up seems a little less temporary than this, there comes two possibilities. One is that there is an error or fault in Windows registry itself and this is the most likely cause. The other is some virus infection causing damage to your PC and this is also the final yet serious possibility. If such is the case, chances are that you would not read this now, as a screen freeze caused by a virus could turn out to be a terminal problem.


How to fix "Computer Screen Frozen"

To fix this, the solution is different depending on whether the problem is purely a temporary one or something a little more serious.


It is deadly simply to figure this out. When the screen freezes, wait a few seconds to see if it unfreezes itself. Probably 90% of the time will do the trick. If this happens very frequently, consider upgrading the RAM.


And if the time fails to heal, it may still be a temporary problem, only it is a little more stubborn. To handle this, press the "Alt", "Ctrl" and "Del" all simultaneously and you will bring up the Windows Task Manager frame. See if any program is shown in the "Applications" window as not being responsive, if any, highlight it and click the "End Task" toggle. Give it a few seconds, and the non-responsive programs  or application should be stopped. Most chances are this will sort it out.


If neither one works, the problem might be a little serious and you have to try applying the correct software programs to troubleshoot the problem. Ensure you’ve got efficient anti-virus program in your PC and then take a full scan and remove all detected infections. For this try Anvi Smart Defender or Cloud System Booster to keep your computer from virus alike as well as to unclutter your system.


More question about computer screen frozen? Feel free to contact our technical support for help.

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2 thoughts on “How to Fix Computer Screen Frozen?

  1. hey when i try to controll alt delete on my frozen that doesnt even react
    i wait some minutes but it wont go away i so i just press it off when i get a frozen screen
    i get this like 1 time a day and its really annoying i checked my mcafee aswell if i had an virus but it doesnt say so plz help me

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