How to Fix Blue Screen with 0x0000007b Error Code on Windows XP

The 0x0000007b blue screen error is one of the most common Windows stop error usually appears on when you first boot up your Windows XP. It is often caused by the error in the process of installation of XP, which makes the system can not read a file. Sometimes it may happen when you upgrade the Windows XP when you suffer the damage drivers or registry errors.


Blue Screen with 0x0000007b Error Code

How to troubleshoot the 0x0000007b blue screen error.

Firstly, you should run a full scan of your computer. Sometime the virus may cause Windows blue screen as it will mess the registry or other files.

Secondly, make sure all your hardwares work well. The hardware error may make the files can not be loaded correctly and cause 0x0000007b error. Install the update of hardware drivers.

Thirdly, fix the registry entries. As we know that the registry files will be more and more as you install program on the computer. The registry error may also be the reason that causes the 0x0000007b blue screen error. To fix registry entries automatically and easily, you can try Cloud System Booster.

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