How to Fix a Computer Crash

Computer crashes unexpectedly is no doubt a big headache. Most of us will be left dumbfounded and have no idea what to do, especially inexperienced computer novice. We are there utterly ignorant and full of anxiety.


Many reasons may contribute to a computer crash: new software or file installation, failure in hardware, registry error, and poor maintenance of the PC. Figure out what may cause your computer crash is the first step to deal with the problem.


New software installation
If your computer crash unexpectedly, check out whether you have installed some new software, especially when you have installed some beta or prerelease software. New released software is always unstable, and may potentially damage your system. In most cases, it could be the source of the problem. Another factor may cause computer crashes is the confliction between programs. One may be incompatible with another.


If new software or file installation is the reason of your computer crashes, then reboot your computer, locate the program and uninstall it to get your computer back to normal. Normally you can’t reboot your computer in normal mode, so you need to try safe mode instead.


Registry is corrupted
The most common reason for a computer crash is registry errors. Registry files, also called “windows registry” is the files that give your computer instructions for what to do next. Any corruption or misplacement will lead to failure of a computer to get orders as what to do next. In that case it will result in a computer crash. If you can reboot your computer smoothly after a crash, it’s apparent that registry errors cause the crash.


Poor maintenance of your PC might result in registry dust. Both install and uninstall software may cause registry errors. For example, if you uninstall one program improperly, it will leave registry values which may cause computer freeze.


In that case, you need to clean and remove unused and invalid registry entries. Since it’s hard for you to figure out what needs to be fixed manually, you might need a hand from a registry cleaner to locate the registry errors and fix the problem.


Cloud System Booster is a recommended program to fix registry problems. It’s a system optimizer that performs excellent jobs in removing unused and old registry entries. Download one to optimize your computer now to get your frozen computer back to normal.


Cloud System Booster Download:


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