How to Execute Disk Defragmenter on Windows XP?

Computer can be speed up by disk defragment. Disk Defragmenter is a windows tool designed to solve a problem that occurs caused when hard disk store data. To solve the issue, disk defragmenter is to move all the files around so that every file is stored on sequential sectors on sequential rings of the disk.


How To perform Disk Defragmenter on windows XP?


step 1

Click Start, point to All Programs> System Tools> Accessories> Disk Defragmenter


step 2

Analyze the disk condition.


step 3

Defrag the disk drive.


Disk Defragmenter


It may take a few minutes or several hours to defrag the disk to free up the disk space. That depends on your hard disk.


Alternative Way to Speed Up PC by Disk Defragment:


Take disk defragment tool to speed up pc. Try Anvi Smart Defender to build your PC a solid malware defense, meanwhile, tune up your PC through the following ways:


System Optimize

Registry Fix

Privacy Cleaner

Memory Sweep

Disk Defragment


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