How to Disable Visual Effects to Speed Up Computer?

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, the visual effects makes the computer appearance gorgeous but it will affect the computer performace. If you would like to increase the computer speed, you can disable the visual effects. In this post, we will introduce how to disalbe visual effects to speed up computer.


step 1

Right click My Computer and Select Properties.


step 2

On the pop up windows, click Advanced system setting on the left.


step 3

Select Advanced tab and click Settings under Performace selection.


step 4

Select Adjust for Best Performance.

On Visual Effects tab, there are 4 selection you can choose. If you select Adjust for best performance, windows will disable all visual effects in this menu. The Custom is recommended. The more effects you are enabled, the more resources your computer will use. Therefore, you’d better unselect more options.


Disable Visual Effects


Recommended Step:

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