How to Delete The Sea App from Internet Explorer Web Browser?

This post is going to provide instruction on uninstalling or removing The Sea App pop-up coupon ads from web browser that includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you have the same issue, please refer guide below to get rid of the annoying The Sea App adware.


About The Sea App:

The Sea App is a free program that claims to help you save time and money by displaying real time unbiased product images from multiple top rated price comparison stores. It is a free browse add-on that is compatible with most common web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.
The Sea App browser add-on can be downloaded and installed via its official website, but it is often promoted via free downloads, especially video player and download manager program. It is not malicious related, but due to their stealthy behavior such as installing itself automatically on your web browser without obvious notification, people rank in low acceptance of this software.
The Sea App is not safe either. Technically speaking, it is classified as unwanted application, namely adware. When install on your computer, it appears on your favorite search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing as well as over 500 shopping sites. It will take control of the left half of your search pages just like the picture shown below:


How to Delete The Sea App from Internet Explorer? (Adware Removal Guide)

To get rid of The Sea App from your web browser, please follow instruction below. Should you have any problem, please leave a reply below. We will try our best to reply you as soon as possible.

step 1

Uninstall The Sea App from your Windows computer.

Follow the instruction that corresponds to your operating system to uninstall “The Sea App” adware.

• Windows XP: Go to Start> Control Panel> Add Remove programs> Look for The Sea App> Click on Remove.

• Windows 7/Vista: Go to Start> Control panel> Uninstall a program/Programs and Features> Look for The Sea App > click on Uninstall.


step 2

Uninstall The Sea App from Internet Explorer


Click on the Tools (gear icon for Windows XP users), choose Manage add-ons.
On the Toolbars and Extensions tab search for The Sea App related extensions and any other unknown add-ons and disable it.


step 3

Remove The Sea App registry and completely free from the pop-up problem


After you removed The Sea App manually, you are still highly encouraged to use Cloud System Booster to clean any possible invalid and junk files to prevent the annoying unwanted toolbar come back again.

Cloud System Booster Download


To use Cloud System Booster, please click on the blue “Booster” button, it will search and find out all kinds of junks. Once the scan completes, there will come out a result screen, please click Clean button there to remove these junk files, malicious registry entries, etc to make sure the computer system is clean.
Cloud System Booster clean

Malware Prevention Tips
Never want such annoying program getting into your computer? Let’s build your PC a solid and powerful environment with anti-malware program protection to help you fight with emerging online threats. Below security software pack are highly recommend to prevent malware infection.
Anvi Smart Defender: A brand new anti-malware software to detect, block and remove latest malware threats including Trojan, ransomware, worms, backdoors and malicious adware.


Anvi Ad Blocker: Pop up from specific websites can also be a potential threat to your PC security. If you accidently click on the pop up message, the malicious adware code may execute and run in background to distribute advertisement on your computer. Make sure that you have installed an AD Blocker program on your computer to prevent any potential threats.


More tip on “How to Prevent Malware Infection


Speed up Slow PC Tips: (System Tune-up pack recommended)
Experience slow computer performance? Want to improve your computer performance and make it acts as a charm? Anvisoft team has developed a serial of system utilities program to help you maintain fast PC performance.

Cloud System Booster: Upgraded system optimization tool to make your computer faster and better by throwing out junk files, disabling unneeded services, cleaning up 3rd party applications generated junks, and repairing registry errors.
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