How to Delete Temp Files in Windows XP

When a program is running, it will save a temporary version file every few minutes for backup purpose. The temp files will be deleted automatically after the program quit correctly. If the program crash or computer crash then the temp files won’t be removed completely. Some program developer won’t add necessary code to delete temp files, which make temp files left when the program quit or be uninstalled. These temp files will be left in Documents and Settingsyour usernameLocal SettingsTemp folder.


Delete Temp Files in Windows XP

You can also check the entire hard disk to find the temp files in other place.

Open My Computer, press F3 to open search bar. Type *.tmp in the search bar.


Delete Temp Files in Windows XP


All temp files are not necessary and can be removed safely.


Alternative option

You can also take the free system care tool Cloud System Booster to delete temporary files in your Windows XP operation system.



A system cleaner and optimizer for Windows OS to make your computer faster and better. It is created based on Cloud technology as all-in-one pc care program for powerful PC system maintenance mainly in four aspects: junk files cleaner, registry repair, system optimizer and app manager.


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